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Vidhi Judicial Academy is one of the most outstanding premium coaching institutes for students those who are looking to excel in Indian judicial tests for different civil lines. Indian judicial tests and selections are very tough to clear. Hence, it requires sheer will and the right decisions to clear the examination. Without the proper guidance, students will find it immensely difficult to clear out these examinations. 

Vidhi Judicial Institute follows a principal of premium class where students’ interest comes first, with an exclusive focus on judicial entry examinations. Any student who is nonserious or is not focused on giving the examination will not have any seats to attend the class. Vidhi Judicial Academy carefully selects the students who are determined enough to commit to the tough grit required to pass the examinations focusing on their mental and physical well-being with a no-burden curriculum and easy learning. 

One of the best features of the Judicial Academy is that it provides different kinds of courses with different flexibility for every student in need. Students can avail of online and offline classes according to the need of tutoring they need in a specific time frame. They can also get more resources besides introductory notes and videos, including webinars, mock test, and different modules.

Starting year 

Vidhi Judicial Academy has been known for providing premium classes for over ten years. It was founded in 2011.

Courses and Fee Structure

Vidhi Judicial Academy is known for its different courses and flexible timings. The institute provides various kinds of foundation, modular, micro, and some other types of courses that suit the interested student with the sole aim of educating them to the best so that the students clear their examination and first attempt. 

Test Series For The Judiciary

Vidhi Judicial Academy puts special emphasis on the test series they provide at their coaching institute. There are three kinds of test series courses: subject-specific objective test series for prelims, test series for prelims, and mains. Students who are taking foundation, modular or micro classes can opt for these test series courses, where the students will be taught how to attempt the examination with different kinds of mock tests and time management strategies. 

The subject-specific test series consists of 25 live objective tests at students’ convenience in the day, afternoon, and night. There are also quizzes that students can take any time of the day. Mock tests are conducted on a deduction basis, where one correct answer holds one mark and one wrong answer or missed value holds -0.25 as a deduction. 

The main online test course is a dummy exam of the judicial examination on which the student will be appearing, with full-fledged preparation lasting 90 minutes between 3 and 11 p.m. Every Sunday. There will be a total of 11 tests conducted. The students attempting the paper will get expert guidance and comments on improving or correcting the answer with tips and tricks. 

The prelims test will be conducted as a dummy exam for a prequalification round of judicial examinations. Students will have 25 objective examinations and unlimited quizzes to attempt. 

Every student opting for this course should know that this is an online course, and students will require an internet connection and a mobile phone to answer the examinations conducted by Vidhi Judicial Academy through the Vidhi Judicial Academy app. 

Mains Answer Writing Classes

Vidhi Judicial Academy provides students with mains answer writing classes, which are a very beneficial addition to any modular or Foundation courses. Students are taught different kinds of tactics to save time and attempt the questions thoroughly without making any mistakes with quick thinking. Answer writing classes help students segregate the information in their minds and put it correctly on paper so that it creates the most effect, appeals to the examiner, and is overall correct. 

DU LL.B Entrance

Vidhi Judicial Academy also provides DU LLB entrance examination courses for students looking to clear out LLB examinations to get into judicial universities for pursuing Civil Lines. DU LLB examination also needs careful thinking and guidance because it has tough competition among students. Vidhi Judicial Academy provides the best-curated courses for students so that students can clear the examination on the first attempt. 

State-specific classes for the judiciary

Vidhi Judicial Academy provides more than 12 courses in state-specific classes for the Judiciary Course, where students are taught state-specific entrance Level examinations for judicial and civil lines. The states covered are Haryana, MP, UP, Rajasthan, and many more. Students will need to fill out a form, and after filling out the form, they will receive a confirmation call the next day around 11:00 p.m. Afterward, they must pay the fees and attend the classes as instructed. 

Offline classes for the judiciary

Offline judicial classes are special courses that not every student can get as students are required to fill out the form with all the details, and they will be interviewed accordingly. Only 50 students per batch are allowed in offline classes conducted by the Judicial Academy, where high-qualification teachers and professors guide the students. Students are also given doubt classes and live interaction sessions whenever they need them. Students are provided with two options, from which they can select completely offline classes or a hybrid classes option, where they can switch from offline to online or online to offline according to their convenience. Some classes will be held offline, and doubt sessions will be conducted online. 

Online classes for the judiciary

Online classes also have four types of courses, where students can select what kind of course they need according to their needs. The online foundation course for Judiciary includes pre-recorded lectures that students can take at any time with the Viddhi Judicial Academy app. Students can access and learn from more than 200 videos for every subject. Students are also given the option of a super foundation online course where teachers explain the pre-recorded lectures with the help of live interactive classes and doubt-clearing sessions. Students can also select online subject-specific courses for judicial preparation for the examination, keeping in touch with which subject is the most difficult and which requires the most focus. The students will get the option to select an online micro-course series for the judicial examination, which helps students to focus on a specific topic in a particular subject. 

Interview Guidance program

Interviews for judicial examinations are tough to crack because they require 100% Presence of Mind, quick thinking, superb calculation skills, and confidence. The interview guidance program teaches students how to proficiently and confidently answer during their interviews and quickly assort the answers in mind to give a perfect solution without any hesitation to the interviewer for the best impression. Vidhi Judicial Academy specializes and teaches students different kinds of tips and tricks that will help them keep calm during the interview and give the interview properly with proper professional etiquette to make the most of the impression. 

Fee Structure 

Course Name Cost 
Test Series For The JudiciaryRs. 4999/- to Rs.7999/-
Mains Answer Writing ClassesRs.5999/-
DU LL.B EntranceRs.12999/- to 24999/-
State-specific classes for the judiciaryRs.10999/- to 12999/-
Offline classes for the judiciaryRs. 53,999 to 55,999/-
Online classes for the judiciaryRs.15999/- to 25999/-
Interview Guidance programRs.7999/-

Previous CLAT results and alumni 

Vidhi Judicial Academy is among the top scorers when it comes to students who have successfully cleared the examination and, on their first attempt, got the highest scores. Vidhi Judicial Academy is the proud name bearer of top scorers. 

  • Neera Sinam, Manipur Judiciary
  • Navneet Kumar, Bihar Judiciary
  • Diwakar Ram, Bihar Judiciary
  • Mahima Saini, Maharashtra Judiciary
  • Anamika Dagar, Bihar Judiciary
  • Umakant, Bihar Judiciary
  • Divya Sharma, MP Judiciary
  • Atul Ratna, Bihar Judiciary
  • Ruchi, Bihar Judiciary
  • Deepanshu Sharkar, Haryana Judiciary
  • Amit Kumar, Bihar Judiciary
  • Abhinav Raj, Bihar Judiciary
  • Mandeep, Haryana Judiciary
  • Ruby Singh, Bihar Judiciary
  • Aishwarya Bora, Uttarakhand Judiciary
  • Kartik Sharma, Haryana Judiciary
  • Shalini K, Bihar Judici
  • Ravi Sagar, UP Judiciary
  • Kumari Snageeta, UP Judiciary
  • Mayank, MP preums
  • Anup Upadhyay, UP Judiciary
  • Govendra Sisodia, MP Judiciary
  • Priya Narang, APP Delhi
  • Swati Verma, UP Judiciary
  • Nirmala Patel, MP Judiciary
  • Shini Jain, MP Judiciary
  • Bharat Parmar, MP Judiciary

Teachers and their qualifications

Vidhi Judicial Academy provides a wide range of teachers and professors who are highly qualified in the field, specifically teaching their strongest subjects after clearing the examination themselves. 

Name of owners/directors

Sh. Vijandra Kumar Verma is the Director and the founder of the Vidhi Judicial Academy. Has himself qualified for the judicial examination with 15 years of experience in teaching. 

Batch size- 50 Students each bach

Study material

Students are provided with lots of study materials and resources from the institution to access anytime online or offline.

Hostel/mess facility – No

No. of classrooms

Mode of coaching – Online/Offline/Both 


Hours of operation

Monday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Tuesday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Wednesday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Thursday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Friday             10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Saturday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Sunday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm


The coaching is a great opportunity for students looking toward their judicial journey. The environment of the classes and institute is good. The teaching and non-teaching staff are sweet, humble, and always available to sort out queries. specifically talking about Ms. Shivanki, the admissions head for the institute, who is sweet and knows very well about all the queries that students come forward. There’s a one-on-one session with the institute’s director, Mr. Vijender, to sort out the confusion regarding the journey to be a judicial officer. overall I can say that this institute is far better than most of the institutes present. – Divya Maniar

Experience of Vidhi Judiciary is Good. Shruti Ma’am and other faculty members guided us throughout the process and updated us about the lectures. Classes are also interactive. Proper guidance at every stage is also provided. Notes and lectures are provided in easy and reliable language. Vijander sir explains very well about the judiciary examination and its process, and his teaching is one of the best things in the Classes. – Riya Gupta

Wonderful place to kick start Your judicial preparation. It’s been three months since I got admission to Vidhi, an online course(pre-recorded videos). Separate focus on all the three stages of exam pre, mains, and interview helped me greatly. The simplified notes with highlighted important points and case laws, Practice test after every chapter, live tests that track your performance, High-quality videos without buffering, and a download option have proved valuable in giving me a clear direction. Also, the most important aspect that boosted my confidence is that the help desk and sir are only one call away in case of any doubt to resolve Your queries.

I recommend everyone with limited pocket and thousands of queries about their judicial career book a demo class with Vidhi judicial academy that will be continued for almost a week to give you ample time to decide and Get superior guidance and direction to achieve their goals. – Shaksham Sharma

Contact details 

Address 521 1st floor, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, 110009
Phone Number +91-9205988280
Official website
Google business profile 

Social media handles 


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