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Universal Institute of Legal Studies

The rarity of good lawyers can be linked to innate skill and hard training. The nation’s top law schools administer entrance exams to guarantee that only those candidates with a genuine passion for the courtroom pass. The procedure is manageable, moreover, since even pupils who are legitimately gifted may lose out to others who are better prepared. A fair and level playing field is essential in this cutthroat environment to prevent actual legal talent from going unrecognized owing to poor preparation.

The Universal Institute of Legal Studies (UILS) has established itself as a renowned institution for law-related examinations in its quest for fairness and fostering legal talent. Thousands of hopefuls have put their trust in UILS to guide them toward a desired job in the legal field. With the firm conviction that a solid foundation is essential, UILS devotes much time and energy to helping students prepare for the entrance tests needed for LL.B. admissions. These tests serve as a screening mechanism, allowing only the most severe and dedicated applicants to access the world of law schools and evaluating candidates’ legal acumen.

UILS understands the need to treat entrance tests seriously as the landscape grows more challenging and competitive. They offer complete and devoted support to students, ensuring they are prepared to face the challenging entrance exams. Their goal is to develop legal professionals of the most outstanding caliber. They enable aspiring solicitors to thrive in their legal careers and equip them to substantially impact the legal profession by encouraging a culture of justice and quality.

Starting year 

ULIS set out on its adventure in 2004 to empower minds and nurture academic excellence.


A famous institution that provides a broad selection of courses for future legal professionals is the Universal Institute of Legal Studies (UILS)—known for its dedication to excellence and comprehensive approach to legal education. UILS equips students with the knowledge, abilities, and real-world experience they need to succeed in their legal professions. The institute offers specialised courses designed to fulfil the needs of various legal areas, catering to students with diverse academic backgrounds and career objectives.

1. 5-Year LL.B. Entrance Courses: 

Students who have finished their higher secondary education and want to pursue a legal career should enrol in one of UILS’ 5-Year LL.B. Entrance Courses. This extensive five-year programme offers a unique fusion of legal education and liberal arts. Students taking this course receive thorough instruction in torts, contract law, criminal law, constitutional law, and legal research. The curriculum also offers courses in the humanities, social sciences, and communication to help students enhance their critical thinking, analytical skills, and effective communication.

The 5-Year LL.B. Entrance Courses train students to take the entrance exams for admission to integrated LL.B. programs offered by various universities and law schools. UILS equips students with the logical thinking, general awareness, and legal reasoning skills they need to take the highly competitive entrance exams confidently. Students can better comprehend the format of exams and create winning tactics by taking practice exams, participating in interactive lessons, and receiving individualised coaching.

2. LL.B. Entrance Courses of Three Years:

UILS provides 3-Year LL.B. Entrance Courses for graduates from various fields who want to pursue a career in law. Students with a bachelor’s degree in any subject who want to pursue a career in law can enrol in this programme. Core legal topics like criminal, civil, administrative, and intellectual property law emphasise the three-year LL.B. degree. Students also receive instruction in legal research, legal writing, and moot court practice to improve their practical legal skills.

The 3-Year LL.B. Entrance Courses are designed to prepare students for the entrance exams that universities and other organisations that provide LL.B. programs for graduates conduct. To help students succeed in the challenging entrance tests, the curriculum offers in-depth instruction in legal reasoning, aptitude, and current affairs. Additionally, UILS provides tailored support and counselling to assist students in selecting a specialisation that complements their interests and professional aspirations.

3. Judicial Service Examination Course: 

UILS knows the importance of fostering future civil judges and judicial officers. The institute offers specialised tutoring for the Judicial Service Examination to serve this market sector. This course is designed for recent law graduates who want to work in the justice system and help the country as judges. The programme focuses on essential topics like the Evidence Act, the Indian Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure, and substantive legislation.

At UILS, students enrolled in the Judicial Service Examination Course receive extensive instruction in case study, legal reasoning, and persuasive courtroom presentation. Regular mock trial sessions, personality development lessons, and interview practice improve candidates’ general competency and assurance. To safeguard the concepts of justice, UILS thinks aspiring judicial officers should be taught honesty, fairness, and ethical behaviour.

Fee Structure 

Course NameDurationFee Structure (Approx.)
Long Term 5 Year LLB5 yearsRs. 69,999
Unilaw Classroom (Long Term) Terms 1 + 25 yearsRs. 64,999
UILS – Target5 yearsRs. 59,999
UILS – Postal5 yearsRs. 54,999
UILS – Online5 yearsRs. 49,999
Long Term 3 Year LLB3 yearsRs. 39,999
Unilaw Classroom (Long Term) Terms 1 + 23 yearsRs. 34,999
UILS-Target-5 Year3 yearsRs. 29,999
UILS-Postal-5 Year3 yearsRs. 24,999
UILS-Online-5 Year3 yearsRs. 19,990

Teachers and their qualifications

The Universal Institute of Legal Studies (UILS) lecturers stand out as unrivalled mentors when fostering and educating the upcoming generation of solicitors. The faculty at UILS is wholly committed to assisting students in realising their full potential as solicitors, and they have a wealth of knowledge and skill in many areas of law and legal education.

As a distinguished lawyer, legal scholar, and educator, Dr Manish Arora is a respected institute member. Dr Arora has degrees from Delhi University and Harvard Law School and is regarded as a leading expert in international law and intellectual property rights. He is a priceless asset to the faculty at UILS thanks to his stellar 28-year teaching career and writer of the acclaimed Universal’s Law Entrance Guidebook.

Purnima Arora, a highly trained professor with a mix of commercial and legal acumen, holds the positions of director general and enrolled lawyer at the Delhi High Court. She also serves as the director general of UILS. Ms Arora, a top-scoring LL.B. graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce, is well-known in the legal community for her extraordinary talent for guiding and coaching aspiring lawyers. Within the legal profession, she is well respected for her steadfast dedication to the achievement of her pupils.

Aanchal Kapoor, a criminal law gold medalist, uses her knowledge to successfully mentor pupils towards passing legal exams. She holds degrees from Uttarakhand Technical University and the Law College Dehradun and has a wealth of teaching and mentoring experience. She is an expert in criminal law. Thanks to her contributions, she is a vital member of the faculty at UILS.

Nikhil Sharma is an expert in teaching mathematical and deductive reasoning and has more than ten years of experience helping students prepare for various exams linked to law. Mr Sharma is an excellent teacher who has helped over ten thousand students prepare for multiple exams, including the CLAT, CAT, IPM, DU LLB, LSAT, and others.

Having mentored over 3,000 students through various courses and seminars, Abhinav Arora, a law graduate from Delhi University’s Faculty of Law, has helped over 500 of his most talented students gain admission to prominent law schools in India. He is an essential member of the UILS faculty due to his commitment to his students’ academic and professional development.

By imparting their vast knowledge, a wealth of experience, and unwavering dedication, the instructors at UILS are fully committed to assisting students’ success and unlocking their full potential as future attorneys. The faculty at UILS is determined in its commitment to supporting students’ objectives and development, whether they are getting ready for legal exams or looking to further their careers in the legal industry.

Name of owners/directors

Lawmkr’s founder and CEO, Abhinav Arora, is a vibrant guy with a distinctive background in the legal industry. Abhinav’s educational background indicates his commitment to pursuing a career in law, having attended the prestigious Faculty of Law, Delhi University, one of India’s top law schools.


  • Curriculum in-depth: The Classroom Target Programme is intended to help students get into India’s top law schools. The course material is well-structured and covers essential ideas based on previous inquiries from various law school entrance exams. It contains thorough study materials made up of 15 volumes covering every critical aspect of legal education.
  • Experienced Teachers: The training includes tutorials guided by seasoned teachers and graduates with much legal knowledge and experience. They ensure students comprehend the subject matter by offering customised assistance and support.
  • Exam Practise: The Classroom Target Programme offers practice tests based on well-known entrance exams like the CLAT, NLU-Delhi, IP University, and others. These tests assist students in determining their level of preparedness, pinpointing their areas of weakness, and gaining experience with test circumstances and time management.
  • OMR-Based Evaluation: Teachers mark practice tests students take on optical mark recognition (OMR) paper. To develop specific improvement initiatives, this analysis helps identify each person’s strengths and limitations.
  • Keep Current on Legal Developments: The programme keeps students current on the most recent legal developments, including significant decisions from the nation’s highest courts. The monthly legal publication “Lawyers Update” from the Universal Group is also offered, along with periodic shipments of information focusing on current legal issues. There is also a biweekly issue of “Newsline” that features news about the law, current events, and other legal information.
  • Hostel Facilities: Hostel facilities are available from UILS for remote students, offering a relaxing and suitable learning environment. Modern amenities in the hostel provide a secure and pleasurable stay during the course.
  • Classroom Facilities: Numerous well-equipped classrooms that encourage interactive learning are available at the institute. Students can participate in debates, clarifications, and cooperative learning in these supportive environments.
  • Timely Support: UILS encourages students to contact them by phone or email if they need help. The institute ensures that student’s questions and concerns are promptly addressed and offers them the appropriate support and direction.
  • Mock Tests: Regular mock trial sessions, personality development lessons, and interview practice improve candidates’ general competency and assurance. To safeguard the concepts of justice, UILS thinks aspiring judicial officers should be taught honesty, fairness, and ethical behaviour.

Hours of operation

DayHours of Operation
Monday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Institute has their own sheets of notes at this place, it is very sufficient study material for students to get the exam clearing. – Dhura Ram

It was really a great experience for me! over here I obtained very valuable teaching techniques thanks to perfect input sessions. – Monika

Its a one step solution for every student who wants to take the coaching at Universal Institute of Legal Studies. If you want to succeed in your career. But for the students also shall be dedicated towards studies till the end of the exam in the coaching. – Mamta Rani

They have had been given a great teaching methodology in the coaching and then lots of knowledge for their subject of studying in the coaching institution at this place. – Shittal Verma

Contact details 

Address Address: C-25/5, Middle Circle, (Between Odeon & PVR Plaza), Connaught Place, New Delhi-110001
Phone Number +91-8929502211
Email Idinfo@lawmkr.com
Official website http://unilawinstitute.com/
Google business profile 

Social media handles 

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/unilawinstitute/
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/universal.uils/?hl=en
LinkedIn https://in.linkedin.com/school/universal-institute-of-legal-studies—india/ 

Rating out of 5 

It’s easy to understand why the Universal Institute of Legal Studies (UILS) has received an exceptional rating of 4.8/5 from online reviews. 

The institute has received accolades for its excellent educational and training programmes from students and aspiring legal professionals. Many people have praised the knowledgeable and committed teachers whose skills and dedication have been crucial in forming successful legal careers. Mainly the Classroom Target Programme has won praise for its extensive curriculum and thorough preparation for law school admission tests. The well-structured study materials, mock exams, and current updates on legal advancements are much appreciated by the students and have proven invaluable in helping them hone their abilities and build their confidence. 

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