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In January 2002, Sriram Law Academy set up classroom training for law aspirants keenly looking at entering the portals of National Law Schools. Its founder directors, A. Raman and Hema Raman, both with brilliant academic records, envisioned providing clarity to the basic knowledge of students regarding the subject concern. The institute prepares students for CLAT, NALSAR and other law exams.

It is today widely known for its innovative coaching methodology, particularly in postal and online programs, across the country. From 2004 to 2017, the Academy’s alumni picked up All India Top Ranks, demonstrating the founder directors’ conscious and consistent pursuit of academic excellence. Through the 2022 examination season, Sriram Law Academy selected 393 students for India’s National Law Universities.


The institute offers CLAT coaching in the program SRIRAM POWER. This course is tailored according to the students’ requirements for the fruitful preparation of CLAT exam. Students are provided with seven volumes of different Clat Books. Students receive a monthly update on current affairs from the institute, which is curated by NLU graduates. The institute also offers master’s classes for the subjects for which they need them.

Sriram Power program 2022 – Online learning

It offers CLAT coaching through the program SRIRAM POWER. Students are provided with 7 volumes of different Clat Books to help them prepare for the CLAT exam. The institute provides current affairs on a monthly basis to the students. The study material provided to the students is curated by NLU Graduates. They also receive master classes in the subjects they need.

Sriram Expert 2023 – Online Learning Program

As part of its SRIRAM POWER program, the institute offers CLAT coaching. The course is tailored according to the needs of students for effective CLAT preparation. Each student receives seven volumes of different Clat Books. NLU Graduates curate the study material, and the institute provides the students with current affairs every month. Students also receive master classes in the subjects they need.

IIT HSEE – Sriram Target Plus – 2022 Online Learning Programs

The institute offers a variety of subject-based classroom programs, such as SRIRAM TARGET PLUS COURSE – 2022. This course is designed to fit the student’s specific needs for excelling on the IIT-HSEE exam. The students are provided with 7 volumes of different content books, all of which have been curated by NLU graduates. In addition, monthly current affairs briefings are provided to the students, in addition to masterclasses for certain subjects they may need help with. This one-year intensive IIT-HSEE coaching program is perfect for those who want to achieve success on the exam.

IIT HSEE – Sriram Winner – 2022 Regular Classroom Programs

There are several subject classroom programs at the institute, including the SRIRAM WINNER -2022 course, which is tailored to the requirements of students to prepare for CLAT exams. The students are provided with 7 volumes of different Clat Books. NLU Graduates curate the study material provided to the students. The institute provides current affairs to the students on a monthly basis. Students also receive master classes for the subjects they need.

Fee Structure

Course NameDurationFees(in Rs)
Sriram Power 20221 Year65000
Sriram Expert 20232 Years65000
IIT HSEE – Sriram Target Plus – 20221 Year19750
IIT HSEE – Sriram Winner – 20221 Year55000
Sriram Combo Pack – 2022 CLAT & IIT HSEE1 Year35999
CLAT 20221 Year28799
Law – Sriram Droppers Test SeriesValid until the CLAT exam9999
LAW – Sriram Ranker Test SeriesValid until the CLAT exam2999


The designated partners of SLA are Alagiasingam Raman and Hema Raman.

Past results

  • By 2003, 25 students from Sriram Law Academy had been offered positions at NLSIU Bangalore and NALSAR Hyderabad, two of India’s top universities.
  • At NLSIU Bangalore in 2004, Sandeep Challa, Satyakam, and Vinay Kesari secured All India Ranks 1, 2, and 4, respectively.
  • For admission to NLSIU Bangalore, Niranjan and Hrishikesh Datar scored All India ranks in CLAT in 2005.
  • In 2006, a classroom student of SLA secured All India Rank 1, enrolling at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore.
  • Bhargav Joshi secured All India Rank 1 along with 17 other students who qualified for National Law Universities in 2007.
  • In 2008, Aarathi Gopal secured first rank and enrolled in the Sriram Rapid Course at National Law University.
  • Both Divya Srinivasan and Parikh Jagdish secured AIR 1 and AIR 2 in 2009.

In the period 2010-2015

  • Pragya Vats secured AIR1 and Shiva Santhosh Kumar secured AIR2.
  • In 2011, Padmini Baruah and Sonakshi Saxena secured AIR 1 in CLAT and AILET, respectively.
  • Moreover, over 150 students secured seats in leading law schools in India in 2012 after securing ranks AIR1, 2, 3, 4.
  • Divya Gandi secured AIR 1 and was among the hundred students who were accepted to prestigious law schools.
  • Among the 2014 batch, Vani Sharma secured AIR 1 in AILET, Abhishek Rao scored AIR 2 in CLAT, and Ashwin Pantula, in addition, scored AIR 4 in CLAT.
  • In 2015, students again had the opportunity to study at top Indian universities.

From 2016 to 2022

  • 4 of the top 10 rank holders in 2016 came from SLA.
  • Khushi Maheshwari and Dhrishaj Suresh scored AIR 6 and AIR 10 in CLAT in 2017, respectively.
  • More than 350 students made it to leading NLUs in India in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021.
  • Through the year’s law examinations, 393 students from Sriram Classes were selected for India’s National Law Universities.

Experienced Faculty

Sriram Law Academy prides itself on its exceptional faculty members who possess a wealth of experience in the legal field. The academy’s emphasis on hiring only the most qualified and knowledgeable instructors ensures that students receive top-notch education from professionals who have honed their skills through years of practice. These experienced faculties not only bring theoretical expertise but also real-world insights, having worked extensively in various legal domains such as litigation, corporate law, criminal law, and more. With their diverse backgrounds and extensive practical experience, these faculties offer a comprehensive understanding of legal principles that goes beyond textbooks. Their ability to draw upon personal anecdotes and case studies enriches the learning process for aspiring lawyers, allowing them to grasp complex concepts with greater clarity. Moreover, these esteemed individuals adopt an interactive teaching approach by engaging students in thought-provoking discussions and encouraging critical thinking – qualities essential for success in the ever-evolving landscape of law.

Study Materials

With its unique methodologies and online programs, Sriram Law Academy has established itself as one of the best places for law students to get coaching. Furthermore, the academy offers a variety of services, including Question Banks, Test Series, Doubt clearing sessions, Regular Performance Tests, Online Lecture portals, Classroom Lectures, Counseling, and eLearning study materials.

The study materials provided to students in Sriram Law Academy are meticulously curated and designed to offer a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. These materials, which encompass textbooks, case studies, lecture notes, practice questions, and reference guides, are tailored specifically for law students pursuing their dreams of becoming successful legal professionals. The textbooks provide an in-depth understanding of key legal concepts and principles, while the case studies offer practical insights into real-world scenarios. Lecture notes serve as valuable aids during class sessions, capturing important discussions and elucidating complex topics. Additionally, the practice questions help reinforce knowledge through an active application, while the reference guides act as quick references for students seeking clarifications on specific areas of law. With these thoughtfully crafted study materials at their disposal, Sriram Law Academy ensures that its students receive nothing short of excellence in legal education.

Hostel/Mess Facility

The Hostel facility provided to students at Sriram Law Academy is an exemplary testament to the institution’s dedication to ensuring a conducive and nurturing environment. Situated within close proximity to the main campus, this state-of-the-art residential complex offers a myriad of amenities tailored specifically for the needs of aspiring lawyers. Upon entering the hostel premises, one is greeted by well-manicured lawns and aesthetically pleasing architecture that exudes a sense of tranquillity. The spacious and comfortable rooms are thoughtfully designed, allowing ample space for individual study as well as relaxation after long hours of academic pursuits. The hostel provides round-the-clock security measures, guaranteeing students’ safety at all times. 

Additionally, it boasts modern facilities, including high-speed internet connectivity that enables seamless research opportunities and academic collaboration among residents. A dedicated mess hall serves nutritious meals prepared under strict hygiene standards, catering to diverse dietary requirements while fostering social interactions among peers from various cultural backgrounds. Furthermore, recreational spaces such as indoor sports facilities and common rooms serve as perfect avenues for unwinding amidst hectic schedules or engaging in intellectually stimulating conversations with fellow scholars. In essence, Sriram Law Academy’s hostel facility goes above and beyond conventional norms by prioritizing student welfare through its thoughtful design and comprehensive range of services.

Batch Size

Batch size is a pivotal aspect that sets Sriram Law Academy apart from its peers in the field of legal education. With an unwavering commitment to providing personalized attention and individualized guidance, this esteemed academy ensures that each student benefits immensely from their carefully crafted batch sizes. Sriram Law Academy fosters an environment conducive to interactive learning and meaningful discussions by deliberately keeping the number of students per batch small. Within these intimate settings, students are encouraged to actively participate in class activities while receiving undivided attention from highly experienced faculty members who readily address their queries and concerns. This intentional emphasis on limited batch sizes enables instructors to tailor their teaching methods according to every learner’s unique needs and strengths, thereby maximizing educational outcomes on both personal and professional fronts. In essence, Sriram Law Academy’s conscious decision regarding batch size exemplifies its dedication towards nurturing well-rounded legal professionals capable of excelling in a fiercely competitive landscape.

Mode of Coaching

The Sriram Law Academy offers a comprehensive and innovative coaching mode, catering to aspiring lawyers’ needs both online and offline. With their extensive experience and expertise in legal education, they have successfully integrated technology into their teaching methods. In the online mode, students can access live classes through the user-friendly virtual platform. These classes are conducted by highly qualified faculty members who employ interactive teaching techniques such as real-time discussions, case studies, and quizzes to ensure active engagement. Additionally, students can access an immense repository of digital resources, including study materials, textbooks, previous years’ question papers, and recorded lectures for convenient self-paced learning. On the other hand, for those preferring a traditional classroom setting or facing connectivity issues in certain areas, Sriram Law Academy also provides offline coaching at their well-equipped centres across various cities. Here, students benefit from face-to-face interactions with experienced mentors who provide personalized attention and guidance throughout the course duration. The academy’s commitment to constantly adapting its coaching methods to meet evolving requirements makes it a trusted choice among law aspirants seeking quality education blended with flexibility in today’s dynamic world.

Operational hours

Operational hours in Sriram Law Academy, situated at the heart of the city, are firmly set from 9 am to 7 pm. This well-established institution takes pride in its commitment to providing an environment conducive to learning and growth throughout the day. Within these sacred walls, countless legal minds have been moulded through rigorous training and mentorship programs that extend well into the evening hours. From engaging lectures to thought-provoking seminars and practical workshops, every minute counts during these operational hours; no opportunity for intellectual stimulation goes unexplored or undervalued. Regardless of whether it’s dissecting complex case studies or participating in lively debates among peers until dusk settles outside, Sriram Law Academy stands resolute in ensuring that each student maximizes their potential within this designated timeframe.

Contact Details 

Address 2, Ankur, 113, Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Rd, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone Number99401 62495
Social Media SitesInstagram, Youtube

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