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RAU’s IAS Study Circle

A benchmark institution to reward careers in the country’s toughest competitive exam, the Indian Administrative Service Exam, now known as the Civil Services Exam, was established by Dr. S. Rau in 1953 as an independent group. As the Study Circle has evolved over the years, it has become a unique brotherhood between educators and students that overcomes obstacles together.

The Study Circle has raged with the vitality of a torrent that perpetually renews itself while remaining unwavering in its determination to reach its final objective. For nearly six decades, the Study Circle has been at the forefront of true learning. The institute holds the uncommon distinction of having the highest achievement percentage in the Civil Services Exam, and is regarded as the country’s most specialized institution of its kind.

Every student here seems alike creatively enthralled and elated at the prospect of expanding his knowledge base. They regard each student as an individual, not just a pupil. They approach their task as if it were growing flowers, with all the determination and skill required for such a delicate endeavor. The goal is to release students from the rigidities of highly ritualized, boring, and indifferent teaching that they have witnessed so far in institutions, where there is a lot of teaching but little learning.

Courses Offered

Classroom program: The classroom program provides aspiring professionals with a real-time learning environment in which they can receive live instruction from industry professionals. The seminars meet on a daily basis and often last between three and four hours. Students are able to connect with other students who share their goals and learn from them through the classroom program. They are able to have knowledge of a variety of views, which are required in order to effectively write answers for the main exam. The instruction can be a foundational study that lasts for 11 or 12 months.

Moreover, they provide a condensed six-month classroom program to those who have questions. Those who have questions are welcome to attend a class held once a week. In order to obtain direction and assistance with their studies, students can approach their lecturers at any time.

The live program benefits students who want to improve their UPSC CSE score. They have the option to participate in live online sessions, and they also have access to recorded classes that they can watch multiple times to ensure that their understanding is complete. Students also take part in an online weekly current affairs revision lesson to familiarise themselves with events happening around the world that are pertinent to the examination. The teachers give the pupils the proper direction to know what is important for the examination.


The CSAT (Common Services Admission Test) is an entrance examination administered by the Indian Administrative Service. Candidates without foreign language training should take the GS-I paper, while candidates with foreign language training should take the GS-II paper.

The CSAT has four alternatives to each question, and there are six question banks on each paper. Each paper has a 90-minute time limit, and incorrect answers are penalised.

Our students can prepare thoroughly for both papers to score well in the CSAT. You will receive individualised assistance from our experienced coaches to improve your skills and your chances of success on the CSAT. RAU’s IAS study circle: India’s Best IAS Coaching in Delhi can help them achieve this goal.

A comprehensive course in general studies

RAU’s IAS study circle Comprehensive Course offers a comprehensive program that covers all the essential topics for preparing for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examinations. With the help of this program, students will be able to achieve their goals of becoming successful civil servants.

The RAU’s IAS study circle Comprehensive Course is divided into three sections: theoretical study, written examination preparation, and professional development. The theoretical study covers public administration theory, administrative law, public finance, etc. The written examination preparation section provides students everything they need to prepare for the Indian Civil Services (ACS) examination, including mock exams and practice papers. The professional development part of the course helps students build the skills necessary for a successful career in government service. This includes courses on interpersonal skills, communication techniques, teamwork skills, etc.

Students who are interested in preparing for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) examinations can take advantage of the RAU’s IAS study circle Comprehensive Course. As a result of its extensive program, students will be able to achieve their goals of becoming successful civil servants.

Courses in optional subjects

The RAU’s IAS study circle offers students an optional subject course that helps them unleash their potential and develop skills that will help them succeed in the IAS exam. This course allows students to learn about the history, structure, and philosophy of the IAS exam, as well as important topics such as research methodology and public administration. In addition, students receive individualised coaching to help them maximise their chances of passing the IAS exam.

Fee Structures

Course NameDurationFees
General Studies (Prelim Cum Main) Integrated Program1 YearRs. 150500
In-Depth Optional Subject Online Coaching For Civil Services Main Exam5 MonthsRs. 45500

Facilities offered

Faculty with superior education

Having personally taken the test, they are familiar with its difficulty level. RAU’s IAS study circle looks for seasoned lecturers who deeply understand their respective fields. Their teachers make a great effort to thoroughly explain all subjects in the classroom. They have a history of teaching officers who have gone on to have great careers, so they work hard to develop methods to help make learning more efficient.

Tools and resources that are all-inclusive

RAU’s IAS study circle employs an expert group of researchers who carefully explore the best educational resources to help students succeed on the SAT/ACT. We provide students with access to the most reliable and useful learning tools available, maximizing their chance for success on this important exam. Our faculty puts a lot of effort into identifying what resources will help our students learn the material quickly and effectively.

A direct line of communication between two people

By tracing fundamental ideas back to their origins, RAU’s IAS study circle aims to eliminate all confusion surrounding them. Students can contact the experienced faculty of RAU’s IAS study circle for answers to any questions they may have. Students are given the opportunity to improve in areas in which they struggle by engaging in face-to-face conversations with them and offering assistance in identifying their areas of excellence and areas for improvement.

Cutting-edge methods of instruction

For candidates to cover the vast amount of material on the curriculum before the exam, they devise realistic and functional study models that are simple to follow and effective. To help customers resolve their issues as effectively as possible, they offer services such as doubt clearing and email support.

Past students’ contributions

RAU’s IAS study circle offers a wide variety of programs and resources to help its students achieve their career goals, and many former students are available to offer advice and support. Students at RAU’s IAS study circle benefit from the tutelage of some of the most accomplished officers in the field, allowing them to become even better professionals.

Interview preparation

In advance of the actual interview, RAU’s IAS study circle offers interview preparation services to assist candidates in honing their responses and building their self-confidence. They have an extremely smart interview panel, including several former IAS, IPS, and IRS officers, which makes it easier for them to prepare for the interview.

Analytical evaluation

During the preliminary examinations and main examinations, RAU’s IAS study circle offers both online and offline test series for candidates. Our instructors evaluate students’ performance using powerful software programs, and they also provide feedback on the overall performance of the student. For effective and gradual exam preparation, students receive feedback from knowledgeable tutors on their answer sheets.

Series of tests

The RAU’s IAS study circle test series was created by highly qualified faculty who have seen their questions appear in the UPSC CSE preliminary exams. With input from nearly 500,000 candidates, the test series offers a realistic view of the preparation needed and the level of competition. By using these tests, aspirants gain insights to improve their performance and aim for a good rank on the final list.

Contact Information 

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Phone Number080 2553 5536
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The goal of the study circle is for students to become productive members of a knowledge community, not just for the civil service exam. To become an able officer, one must be dedicated towards their goals, and study hard to score good marks. The Study Circle organizes them into a fraternity in order to pass the Civil Services Examination. This allows them to develop their potential related to character and administrative ability. Applicants are not born with this potential; it must be developed over time.

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