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Do you want to join a coaching centre for Jee, Neet, or board preparation? There is no harm in it. We can see the emerging competition at present, and having a dream is most important in this competitive scenario. If you have dedication, perseverance, and discipline, then you can achieve your goal. Whether you are looking for coaching for JEE, NEET, or a board exam, Coaching from a Pathfinder institution is always preferable for you.

This is a leading institution that guides students for competitive exams like JEE Mains and Advance, NEET-UG, WBJEE, KVPY, and various other competitive exams. They also assist students in scoring good marks in board exams.

About Pathfinder Institution

Pathfinder Education Centre is a landmark in the coaching field. Pathfinder was established in 1991. It aims to fulfil the spirit of education among West Bengal and Eastern students. Mr Debdutta Sreemany is the chairman of Pathfinder. He is the foundation of this coaching centre. From a small batch to a huge success, he has greatly contributed to establishing the Pathfinder institution.

It prepares students for competitive exams and board exams. It assists students in making strategies for difficult exams like Engineering, medical, board, NTSE, KVPY, Olympiad, and other foundation-level exams. This coaching institution has over 40 centres in West Bengal and more than five centres outside India. Pathfinder was established three decades ago. It started with a small batch and faculty, but its outstanding results and faculty teaching methodology make this centre one of the top institutions nationwide.


This educational centre is committed to qualitative teaching and offers guidance and mentorship to the students. This centre assists students in achieving their goals by improving their overall performance for the examination. They want to create an institution where students can grow and learn.


  • Medical repeater classroom program Neet – UG

This program is for 12th grade-passed students. This course includes four-and-a-half-hour lectures in a day. It includes phrases and mock tests. This course provides an NCERT-based lecture plan for NEET aspirants. They prepare students for reasoning, statement type, list matchmaking type question practice sessions for physics, chemistry, zoology, etc. It includes doubt-solving sessions and performance analysis to improve the overall performance of students.

  • Engineering Repeater classroom program for JEE main and advanced

This educational centre provides the assistance of highly experienced faculty to assess the overall performance of students. This institution ensures performance analysis, doubt-solving sessions, a Ncert-based question bank, and efficient lectures as per the latest trend in question patterns.

  • Engineering Repeater Classroom Program WBJEE 

This is for the 12th-grade passed-out students. It includes a 4-and-a-half-hour lecture series with more than 8 mock tests and 5 phase tests. This program includes lectures on present trends. This course provides a specially focused NCERT question bank for inorganic chemistry. They provide daily practice problems and tests for the assessment of students’ performance.

  • Board classroom program.

At this institution, you can get coaching for the CBSE, ICSE, and Madhyamik board exams. For all three board exams, this centre provides coaching for classes 8–10. It includes subjects like science, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. English, Bengali, etc. This centre covers all the major syllabuses as per the exam perspective, and they conduct various mock tests to improve students’ answer-writing performances.

  • Competitive program

This program prepares the students for highly competitive exams like the KVPY WBJEE, JEE Advanced, and NEET-UG JEE Main. The preparation for all these toughest examinations is covered at Pathfinder Coaching Institution. We provide our mentorship, test series, and assistance to the students to help them clear these competitive examinations.


  • Foundation program

This foundational program includes courses like NTSE, RMO, NSO, and IMO preparation. It helps to build creative thinking and provides the required assistance throughout the preparation for these examinations.

Fees Structure

All these programs are available at a reasonable price. The fee structure varies from one course to another. You should check the website to get information about the fee structure of your desired course.

Why choose Pathfinder Education Centre for your competitive preparation?

This institution covers a wide range of courses for all students. This institution has 30 years of experience in this field. It has 80 thousand students enrolled in it. It covers more than 20 courses and has over 40 centres in India. This institution provides comprehensive study material to its students. It contains highly qualified and well-experienced faculty that assist students throughout their preparation.

This is the number-one institution in the eastern states. It has a methodology. Here, faculty prepare students with a holistic and result-oriented approach. They prepare well-researched study material and provide supplementary Classes for the students.

This institution follows the latest trends and updates knowledge from an exam perspective. It has advanced technology in the classroom. There is competition within the institute, which always encourages students to work hard. They ensure various mock tests and answer-writing practice sessions to improve the performance of students in the final examination. There is an implementation of the academic calendar and the availability of professional counselling for students.

This institution is known for its higher educational background, which makes it preferable for students.

Facilities provided by Pathfinder?

  • Faculties with experience

This institution has a highly experienced faculty team. They assist the students throughout their Competitive preparation. They have a unique teaching methodology, and they prepare various mock tests to keep a check on the students’ Preparation. They provide evaluation and assessment tests to improve the performance of students.

  • Result-oriented approach

Pathfinder Education centre  has a result-oriented approach. This institution is known for its effectiveness in the country. Students’ remarkable progress and their outcomes make this institution preferable to others.

  • Pathfinder National Scholarship test exam

This institution is conducting a 100% scholarship test for outstanding students. Students can get up to Rs. 5 crore after clearing this examination. This scholarship is conducted by Pathfinder to encourage students to study.

  • Study material

Students must keep concise study materials. The study material at this institution is valuable. This study material has been well-researched by the faculty and specialized team. Proper revision of Study material can help the student crack this examination without facing any hurdles.

  • Doubt-clear session

This institution conducts doubt-clearing sessions for students. Students can resolve all the doubts related to the subject with their teachers. You can find a friendly environment at this centre . The peer pressure of students helps them focus on the preparation for competitive exams.


  • Interactive session

There are various interactive sessions conducted by this institution to encourage and motivate the students while they prepare for the toughest examination. Such interactive sessions assist students in connecting themselves with the toppers and experts.

  • Answer writing practice

They conduct an answer-writing program for the students. These answer-writing programs help students improve their answer-writing performances for the examination. Daily answer writing also helps build students’ writing skills and abilities. These answers are evaluated by the faculty of this institution, which helps students focus on their weaknesses.

  • Supplementary class

This institution offers various supplementary classes. These supplementary classes are additional and supportive classes for the students. These classes assist students in solving their doubts and enjoying studying with their peers. Supplementary classes are required for students to improve their learning habits.

  • Innovative classroom

This institution provides a concentrated environment that includes specialized faculty, advanced technology in the classroom for teaching students, peer competition, a supportive team, and parent-teacher meetings.

  • Mentorship

They conduct mentorship programs to guide the students in making the right strategy to crack competition examinations like JEE Advanced, Engineering, Board Exams, etc.

Faculty at Pathfinder Institution

This institution is known for its effective teaching methodology. They conduct class according to the scheduled time. They provide well-researched study material and resolve all the doubts of students. The teachers conducted supplementary classes and assessment tests to improve students’ performance.

The faculties of this institution assist the students in their competitive preparation. They guide in choosing the right strategy to crack the examination. The faculty is dedicated to a result-oriented approach. They provide a progressive report of students’ performance in the mock test.

The faculty at Pathfinder are specialized and always encourages students to do better in the examination. They scrutinized the study materials and cleared up all the students’ doubts about the subject.

Results at Pathfinder Institution

The achievement of this institution is the selection of students for the competitive examination. This institution has more than 80,000 happy students and a success rate of 95%. Pathfinder Institution was in the top 7 in JEE 2020. It is the number one Institution in eastern India due to its effective results.

  • Sayan Pradhan cracked the NEET examination in 2023 by achieving a 12 All India Rank. He took the 6-year classroom program at Pathfinder Institution.
  • Soumyadip Dhara was selected for the AIIMS examination and achieved AIR-1963 in 2019. He has pursued his preparation at the Pathfinder Institution.
  • Panchajanya Dey has taken coaching from this institution and cracked the examination of JEE Advanced in the year 2021 with an All India Rank of 348.
  • Arks Sandhu has cracked the NTSE examination with a rank of 8. She took coaching from this institution.
  • Atharva Singh took coaching from Pathfinder and achieved 99.6% in the CBSE 10th board exam in 2022.
  • Ayush Raj scored 98.8% in his 12th board exam after taking coaching from this institution.

There are a huge number of students who have achieved all-India rank in competitive exams like JEE Mains, JIPMER, KVPY, WBJEE, NEET-UG, etc. Students from ICSE and Madhyamik have also achieved top ranks in their board exams by taking coaching from Pathfinder institutions.


Primarily, this institution is located in West Bengal and the eastern states. It has more than 40 centres in West Bengal and five centres outside Bengal, including Bhubaneswar, Jamshedpur, Agartala, and so on.

Batches availability

You can take coaching online if you don’t want to accommodate yourself in a new state. This institution also conducts classes in both online and offline batches. You will be provided with all the necessary class mock tests, series, and doubt-solving sessions in online mode. You can take lectures anywhere or anytime through online lectures from this institution.

They provide coaching in small groups so that teachers can pay attention to the students individually.


This educational centre is popular among students due to its high success rate.

  • I am Soyeb and I started with a 2-year test series program with Pathfinder, and I performed well in a few days. I got selected for a special batch, and all the test series and modules helped me a lot. Most importantly, there is a plan in Pathfinder called the 30 Days 30 Series, which gives us 30 test papers, which I wrote 30 days before the NEET exam. Every day, I took one exam, which helped me a lot in practicing the paper and which polished my knowledge. Thank you, Pathfinder, for your extended support. – Soyab Aftab (NEET AIR-1 in 2020)
  • I am Souradeep Das, a student of R.K.M.V., Deoghar. I have secured rank 1 in the WBJEE examination for 2020. I am thankful to my school and Pathfinder, as I took the foundation course from Pathfinder, Rajganj, from 8th to 10th grade, and I was also associated with the integrated program of Pathfinder inside RKMV Deoghar in 11th and 12th grade. Thanks to Pathfinder for their support. – Souradeep Das (WBJEE Rank 1 (Jee Advanced Air-120))
Address 47, Kalidas Patitundi Lane, Kolkata, Kolkata, West Bengal,700026
Email Address 
Contact number 7044477304
033 40120 707
Rating 5/5
CentreWest Bengal
Social Media Facebook, Youtube, Instagram , Twitter, Linkdin 


Pathfinder is the top institution in Easter India. This institution is known for its best Facilities and the outstanding results of its students. This institution has a unique teaching methodology, and its wide range of courses makes it considerable for students. The study materials, faculty, mock test, course, mentorship program, latest knowledge, and latest technology are the key factors behind preferring this institution for competitive exam preparation.

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