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Maansarovar Law Center

Are you desiring to make your mark in the field of law and judiciary? Then look no further than Maansarovar Law Center, the leading coaching destination for triumph. With unrivaled expertise, top-notch faculty, and a relentless commitment to student success, Maansarovar Law Center is your gateway to a transformative journey toward accomplishing excellence in the legal field. 

In this article, we will unveil everything you need to know about this esteemed institution – from its exceptional faculty to its comprehensive courses and unrivaled track record. Read on to find out!

What Makes Maansarovar Law Center the Best Law Coaching Institute?

Following are the many reasons why you should choose Maansarovar Law Center for all your law coaching needs:

  • Personal Mentoring: When it comes to preparing for a career in law, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Recognizing this, Maansarovar Law Center goes above and beyond by providing personalized mentoring to its students. Firstly, this unique aspect sets them apart from other coaching institutes and truly makes them the best option for aspiring lawyers. Moreover, through this personalized mentoring process, students are not only provided with academic support but also the confidence they need in the exam as well as their career.
  • Recorded Classes: Maansarovar Law Center takes pride in its innovative approach to legal education by providing recorded classes to its students. Hence, recorded classes enable students to revisit complex topics or challenging concepts as many times as they desire. As a result of this unparalleled opportunity for revision, no stone is left unturned on the path to preparation. 
  • Comprehensive Notes: One of the key factors that set Maansarovar Law Center apart from other law coaching institutes is its emphasis on providing comprehensive notes to its students. Moreover, these detailed notes are regularly updated by seasoned professionals who stay up-to-date with the changes in exam patterns. So if you’re looking for an institute that provides extensive and well-structured study material, Maansarovar Law Center should be your top choice!
  • Subject-wise Mock Tests: Designed meticulously by seasoned legal experts, the subject-wise mock tests at Maansarovar Law Center ensure that students understand their strengths and weaknesses. So, whether you’re preparing for judiciary exams or aiming for top-notch law universities, these tests provide an opportunity to analyze your level of preparation. 
  • Expert Faculty: When it comes to selecting a law coaching academy, one of the most critical factors is undoubtedly the expertise of its faculty. Of course, Maansarovar has some of the most outstanding faculty members. That is why they yield such good results.
  • Tips and Tricks: From time management techniques that allow you to maximize productivity under pressure to tricks for solving a specific set of questions, the experts at Maansarovar will provide you with everything. 
  • Special Doubt Classes: At Maansarovar Law Center, they understand that when students study passionately, some questions are bound to arise. That is why, they have special doubt classes conducted exclusively on weekends. Primarily, these doubt classes are tailored to address the specific needs of the students. Hence, they provide them with an opportunity to clarify any confusion or queries they may have encountered during their regular classes. 
  • Individual Performance Analysis: Assessing a student’s progress is essential for their growth and success. That’s why, the experts at Maansarovar conduct a comprehensive individual performance analysis. Hence, by closely monitoring each student’s progress throughout the course duration, they can increase their chances of being successful.
  • Online Test Series: The online test series offered by Maansarovar Law Center is designed to take your preparation to new heights. With carefully curated questions that cover every aspect of the syllabus, these tests are an essential tool for assessing your knowledge and understanding of different legal concepts. 

Starting Year

Maansarovar Law Center was founded in the year 2014. 

Courses Offered and Fees

Judiciary Coaching: Maansarovar Law Center stands out as the ultimate choice for aspiring individuals seeking judiciary coaching due to its unparalleled reputation and exceptional track record. Moreover, the center boasts a team of highly experienced faculty members who possess profound knowledge in the field of law. Additionally, by fostering a conducive learning environment through interactive classroom sessions and doubt-clearing sessions, Maansarovar Law Center ensures that students receive the best training possible.

DU LLB Coaching: When it comes to DU LLB Coaching, Maansarovar Law Center stands out as a top-notch institution offering the best and most affordable study programs. Alongside excellent classroom instruction, they provide study materials such as comprehensive notes, reference books, previous years’ question papers, etc. As a result, they aid students in their self-study efforts. This is the best and the most affordable way to successfully crack the exam.

CLAT Coaching: Maansarovar aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills required to crack the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) with flying colors. Firstly, Maansarovar’s state-of-the-art infrastructure coupled with experienced faculty members provides students with an ideal ambiance for focused study. Moreover, they also offer access to an extensive collection of study materials.

CUET UG Coaching: If you’re aiming to excel in the highly competitive CUET UG exams, consider registering for the coaching programs at Maansarovar Law Center. At Maansarovar Law Center, they understand the unique requirements of CUET UG aspirants and tailor their teaching methods accordingly. Furthermore, Maansarovar Law Center equips its students with all the necessary tools to not only crack but also excel in these examinations.

The fee structure is as follows:

Course NameDuration of the CourseFees
Online Learning Program: LLB1 YearRs. 60,000/-
Online Learning Program: LLM 1 YearRs. 60,000/-
Online Learning Program: CLAT1 YearRs. 80,000/-
Online Learning Program: DU LLB1 YearRs. 30,000/-

Previous Year Results and Alumni

Maansarovar Law Center has consistently delivered fabulous results over the years, establishing itself as a premier institution for legal education. The previous years’ achievements showcase an exceptional track record, with numerous students securing top ranks. With an unwavering focus on academic rigor and personalized attention, Maansarovar Law Center has made its mark in the field of legal coaching. This success can be attributed to the outstanding faculty comprising seasoned experts from across the country. 

Top Rank Holders List

  1. Savita Tehlan – AIR 5 in DU LLB (2020)
  2. Rajat Mittal – AIR 22 in DU LLB (2020)
  3. Siddharth Jain – AIR 22 in DU LLB (2020)
  4. Daksh Khatri – AIR 26 in DU LLB (2020)
  5. Srishti Verma – AIR 29 in DU LLB (2020)
  6. Akanksha – AIR 3 in DU LLB (2019)
  7. Yachika Mendiratta – AIR 7 in DU LLB (2019)
  8. Tanisha Kohli – AIR 10 in DU LLB (2019)
  9. Raghav Goyal – AIR 12 in DU LLB (2019)
  10. Astha Gumber – AIR 16 in DU LLB (2019)

Teachers and their Qualifications

The faculty members of Maansarovar Law Center are a group of exceptional legal experts who have built a strong reputation for providing valuable guidance and expertise in the field. Hence, by recognizing that each student has different learning needs, these experts employ innovative teaching techniques. As a result, they ensure that complex legal topics are presented in a clear and easily understandable manner. Hence, their dedication and commitment to imparting quality education make this coaching institute special. 

Name of Owners 

Following are the details about the owners or founders of Maansarovar Law Center:

Mr. Anil Kumar Gupta – Chairman and Founder

Miss. Sonal Gupta – Founder

Miss. Snigdha Gupta – Founder

Mr. Varun Midha – Founder

Batch Size

Maansarovar Law Center prides itself on its small batch size, ensuring an unmatched and personalized learning experience for each student. Firstly, with a limited number of students in each batch, the center fosters an environment where individual attention is guaranteed. As a result, this approach allows the highly competent faculty to focus on every student’s specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Study Material

The study material provided by Maansarovar Law Center is specially designed to cater to the diverse needs of aspiring law students. Moreover, with its vast array of study resources tailored specifically for the field of law, Maansarovar Law Center aims to provide an enriching academic experience. This equips students with all the necessary tools for success in their legal journey.

Hostel and Mess Facility

Yes, both hostel and mess facilities are available at the Maansarovar Law Center at reasonable prices.

Mode of Coaching

The Maansarovar Law Center offers coaching via both online and offline modes. 

Hours of Operation

Monday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Tuesday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Wednesday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Thursday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Friday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Saturday: 10 AM to 8 PM

Sunday: 10 AM to 8 PM


AddressBetween Gate number 1 and 2 of, GTB nagar metro station, 59, Main, Ring Rd, Kingsway Camp, Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi, 110009
Phone number9999799769, 9999799769, 9999799728
Google Business Profile
Social Media HandlesFacebook Instagram YouTube

Ratings (Out of 5)

The Maansarovar Law Center is rated 4.4 on Google out of 5 stars.


“One of my friends advised me to join Maansarovar if I really wanted to get a rank in my entrance exam. I joined this institute and honestly, I am very much satisfied with all I am learning at Maansarovar. All the faculties are experts in their respective subjects, especially Sonal Mam, who is a really good guide and the nicest teacher I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I would like to conclude by saying that Maansarovar is the Best Law Coaching Institute.” – Arti Gupta

“The best coaching institute in Delhi for Judicial Services is undoubtedly, Maansarovar Law centre. It has a smart digital technology oriented approach to prepare for PCS-J. They have a very organised way of conducting online and offline classes. The live classes they conduct are just a click away with the advent of present days’ digital technology. They provide a series of online and offline classes, android tablet, study-material, class notes, assignments, and a pack of practice and mock tests which cover all the complex topics in lucid language. Each concept of procedural subjects is taken at the length by the faculty. All the teachers are highly qualified and experienced Law Professors/ Practicing lawyers/ Retired judges. After attending every class at Maansarovar, I found me to be at the right place.” – Shanaya

“Choosing Maansarovar Law Centre for judiciary coaching was a transformative experience. Their faculty’s in-depth understanding of the subject matter and their focus on conceptual clarity enabled me to excel. Thank you for making my dream come true.” – Atul Tyagi

“I feel blessed that I took the right step of giving myself to Maansarovar. Sonal Mam is like God to me and I can’t thank Maansarovar for what it has given to me. I would love to study law from here my whole life and I have full faith that as long as I am associated with Maansarovar, no one can stop me from being ‘Highest paid lawyer of the nation’. I am so grateful for Maansarovar for treating me like family. Everyone is so nice and understanding here. The pure knowledge you impart will be with me till my last breath. I hope Maansarovar keeps on guiding unguided people like me for 1000 milleniums.” – Raj Kumar Singh

“Studying at Maansarovar has been an amazing journey. In the last one year I have learnt and improved quiet alot. With such talented mentors, the motivation kicks in itself. One thing that l’ve observed with the experience of coaching institutes, is that Maansarovar has never been just business minded. It really wants the students to focus, work hard and achieve success. So yeah, Best wishes, Keep teaching and keep growing.” – Deep Kumar

In Conclusion

This was all about the best judicial and law coaching center in Delhi – Maansarovar Law Center. The coaching center boasts the best facilities, study material, as well as the most seasoned faculty members. At Maansarovar, you can learn everything from minor laws in the country to the major concepts from where questions are asked in the entrance exams. If you’re eager to embrace success as a future lawyer, you should definitely study at the Maansarovar Law Center. All the best!

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