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Are you an aspiring lawyer looking to crack the CLAT exam with flying colors? Look no further because we have uncovered the secret behind Legal Edge’s incredible success in transforming average students into top scorers! In this blog post, we delve deep into how Legal Edge became the go-to CLAT coaching institute for those determined to achieve their dreams. From unrivaled teaching methodologies to a track record of impressive results, get ready to be inspired by their journey and discover why Legal Edge is truly a cut above the rest!

How Legal Edge Became the Top CLAT Coaching Institute

Since its inception, Legal Edge has been dedicated to helping students achieve the best possible CLAT results. Offering comprehensive CLAT coaching and tutoring services, the institute has helped countless students achieve their desired scores and move on to top law schools around the world.

It all started with a simple goal: to help students reach their full potential. Drawing on years of experience and expertise, Legal Edge provides personalized coaching and tutoring tailored specifically for each student. Whether you’re a first-time test taker or have taken the exam multiple times, our team can help you improve your performance.

Our highly skilled coaches are experienced in both mock testing and real-world law school scenarios. This allows us to provide you with engaging and effective learning materials that will help you understand the questions and answer them correctly. In addition to CLAT coaching, our experts also offer GMAT prep instruction, LSAT prep guidance, and more.

If you’re ready to take your legal career to the next level, contact Legal Edge today!

What Makes Legal Edge the Top CLAT Coaching Institute?

 Legal Edge is the leading CLAT coaching institute for top-scoring students. The institute offers a variety of CLAT coaching programs to help students achieve their academic and career goals. Its focus on helping students score well on the CLAT sets it apart from other CLAT coaching institutes. In addition to individualized coaching and group sessions, Legal Edge offers online resources as well.

In addition to providing students with exclusive content and resources that can help them maximize their CLAT score, the program helps them improve their vocabulary, reading comprehension, essay writing, and speaking skills.

Legal Edge CLAT Program Benefits

CLAT coaching from Legal Edge can help students achieve top scores. With their decade of experience, the institute’s coaches have developed an elite program that offers world-class resources and support, as well as dedicated attention and support from the team of experts. Constant feedback and revision are ensured to ensure that your CLAT preparation is on track, along with comprehensive guidance on everything from test strategies to legal research techniques. The opportunity to build a relationship with the coaches is an added bonus.

Courses offered by Legal Edge

The Legal Edge CLAT course is the perfect way for top-scoring students to prepare for the exam. The course covers all aspects of the exam, including reading comprehension, logic puzzles, and essay writing. The course also includes mock exams and practice sessions to help students prepare for the real exam. Thanks to Legal Edge, many students have achieved excellent scores in the exam. With Legal Edge’s CLAT course, you’re sure to achieve the same success.

The Legal Edge CLAT course provides students with a great approach to preparing for the exam, including mock exams and practice sessions.

CLAT courses

Since the institute was founded, top-scoring students have been turning to it for CLAT coaching. Students have achieved excellent legal jobs through a comprehensive CLAT preparation program designed to meet the individual needs of each student. A mentoring program that pairs top-scoring students with experienced lawyers is part of the program, which includes an online course, weekly live sessions, and a mentoring program, among other things.

Participants in the online course are provided with weekly live sessions that offer hands-on preparation for the CLAT exam. The Online Course covers all the material required for the CLAT exam, including law essay writing and interpretation. In addition to providing support and feedback on legal essays, they also offer interpretation services using their Legal Edge mentor program. Top scorers in the Online Course are paired with experienced lawyers who help them improve their legal skills and achieve a higher CLAT score. It is also possible for Legal Edge mentors to provide students with advice on how to improve their legal writing and interpretation skills as well as answer any questions they may have about the exam.

In the Legal Edge CLAT preparation program, students receive instruction structured to their individual needs. This will be given as support from experienced lawyers to help them reach their full potential.

Courses for the LSAT 

To enhance your LSAT score, here are some options available. Primarily, enroll in an LSAT methodology course which will give you the skills to pass the test effectively. Additionally, devote ample time to practicing as much as possible since LSAT questions pose challenges; taking multiple tests can refine both your precision and swiftness. Lastly, examine the correct answer choices for every question diligently and concentrate on the fundamental concepts elucidated in this manual.

AILET  Course 

We are offering AILET – All India Law Entrance Test Course which is an excellent preparation for the law entrance examination. The course covers all the topics required for the law entrance examination. The syllabus is carefully prepared by our experts who have years of experience in this field. We provide online support to our students so that they can get good results in the entrance examination. 

The course is offered in two formats. You can either choose to attend the classes personally or you can also opt for the online mode of learning. In either case, we provide all the required materials and support so that you can get good results in the entrance examination.

So, if you are looking for a good preparation for the law entrance examination then our AILET – All India Law Entrance Test Course is the right choice for you.

Previous year results and Alumni

The legal edge coaching institute is a premier CLAT coaching institute that has been helping top-scoring students crack the exam for the past few years. The institute has a team of experienced and certified coaches who help students plan, prepare, and strategize for their CLAT exams.

The legal edge coaching institute offers several membership plans to suit everyone’s needs. The Basic Membership plan includes access to all resources and tools available on the website, as well as one one-hour phone consultation with one of the coaches. The upgraded membership plan includes access to all resources and tools available on the website, three one-hour phone consultations with different coaches, and access to live chat sessions and email support. In addition, members receive discounts on CLAT preparatory courses offered by the legal edge coaching institute. The coaching program is designed specifically for top-scoring students who want to crack the CLAT exam. The coaches at the legal edge coaching institute are experienced in various aspects of law including litigation, corporate law, tax law, real estate law, property law, etc.

2023 Top Rank Holders

  1. Abhinav Somani – AIR 1
  2. Sahil Gupta – AIR 2
  3. Shubam Thakare – AIR 3
  4. Piyush Gupta – AIR 8
  5. Upamanyu Chatterji – AIR 10
  6. Arpanjaur Kaut – AIR 18

Previous year results and Alumni: 

The legal edge coaching institute has helped many top-scoring students crack the CLAT exam. The coaches at the institute are experienced in various aspects of law including litigation, corporate law, tax law, real estate law, property law, etc. All India Rank Students  Percentage: 

The legal edge coaching institute has a team of experienced and certified coaches who help students plan, prepare, and strategize for their CLAT exams.

Faculty and their qualifications in Legal Edge Academy 

The Legal Edge Academy faculty are highly qualified lawyers and legal professionals with years of experience in their field. They have a deep knowledge of the law and are able to teach the students the basics of law as well as how to use it in their everyday lives. The Legal Edge Academy faculty approach teaching law in a way that is practical and easy to understand. They use real-world examples and exercises to help students understand the principles of law. This allows them to gain the skills they need to effectively navigate through legal situations.

Small Batch of students 

Legal Edge has carved out a niche in the CLAT coaching industry by providing a personalized approach to training students for the competitive entrance examination. The small batch of students that Legal Edge trains each year ensures that each student receives individualized attention and instruction. This results in consistently high scores on the CLAT exam, often resulting in law school acceptance.

Because Legal Edge is such an individualized program, it is not suitable for everyone. If you are not comfortable with a small group setting or do not feel like you will benefit from personalized attention, then Legal Edge may not be the right fit for you. However, if you want to achieve the highest possible score on your CLAT exam, Legal Edge is the best option available.

Legal Edge Academy Provides Free Study materials 

Legal Edge Academy is a leading CLAT coaching institute that provides free study materials to students. The materials include practice questions, video lectures, and practice exams. The academy also offers online support and counseling to students. Legal Edge has helped many top-scoring students achieve their dream of getting into a top law school.

The academy’s mission is to provide the best possible training and support so that its students can achieve their legal education goals.

The academy offers dozens of online courses covering all aspects of the CLAT exam. The courses are designed for both beginners and experienced test takers. There are also several specialized course offerings, such as the Lawyer exam preparation course, which covers everything you need to know about the specific lawyer exam format.

The academy’s team of experts includes lawyers who have achieved success on the CLAT exam. They provide students with expert advice and guidance throughout their CLAT preparation journey.

To analyze your preparation for the exam, attempt LegalEdge All India Mock Test Series. There are subject-wise test series available that help in enhancing preparation levels and scoring more marks. These tests create a real-time exam environment and build confidence. Also, candidates can understand the difficulty level of the question paper and know which type of questions can be asked in the exam. 

After the test, you will receive an analysis report which helps candidates to know in which topic they are weak and improvise on those areas. 

Daily Current Affairs

Apart from subject-wise preparation, staying updated about the latest current affairs is important. Hence, read the daily current affairs and improve your general knowledge skills. 

Aspirants preparing for Law Exams or planning to appear for Law Exams are advised to make the LegalEdge Registration and enhance their preparation. If you are still wondering about the price of the classes, then do check out the website to get to know that all classes are available at affordable prices. Go through the LegalEdge Fee Structure and start studying well in advance for the exam. 

With just an internet connection to your Mobile, PC, or Tablet, start learning the concepts to reach your desired goal. Start your preparations now by choosing your desired coaching package from the numerous customized packages available for Law Entrance Exams. 

Availability of Online CLAT Mock Tests

LegalEdge Academy offers an online CLAT mock test series. This series helps in enhancing preparation levels and scoring more marks. The tests create a real-time exam environment and build confidence. Also, candidates can understand the difficulty level of the question paper and know which type of questions can be asked in the exam.

Legal Edge Academy’s hostel/mess facilities

The institute offers a well-appointed hostel that includes modern facilities, ensuring students are comfortable during their stay. Additionally, the hostel provides mess facilities for informal meals. The institute presents a diverse selection of courses aimed at enhancing student performance and boosting scores in the CLAT. These courses are specifically designed to improve grades and test results, as well as impart strategies for preparing for the CLAT and other legal exams. Moreover, Legal Edge extends its support to students both online and offline, with a team of experienced and qualified coaches available to assist them.

Classroom and online teaching modes

With its curriculum, Legal Edge helps students improve their knowledge of the law and how it impacts their everyday lives. The company offers classroom and online classes to help students score high on the CLAT. Numerous classroom formats are available for students and this includes personalized sessions, group discussions, interactive tutorials, and mock tests. A variety of supplemental materials, including flashcards and practice tests, are also available from Legal Edge to help students stay on top of the game.


  • Excellent legal advise. Highly courteous lawyers – Abdul Haleem
  • The best legal minds, great team to have on your side. – Kulz
  • Professional, clear and helpful – Dr Vivek A N

Contact Details

Address 53, Vasantha Avenue, MRC Nagar, Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600028
Phone Number+91-7676564400
WebsiteLegal Edge
Social Media SitesFacebook, Youtube, Instagram

In conclusion

If you are looking for a coaching institute that will put your success first, then Legal Edge is the perfect choice for you. With a strong commitment to assisting students, Legal Edge has great experience in the legal domain. This makes them an effective coach for law students preparing for the CLAT exam. Their well-planned curriculum aims to improve your performance during the examination, while their skilled faculty members are offering you valuable guidance and support.

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