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Are you dreaming of a successful career in law? Look no further than Knowledge Nation Law Centre – the ultimate destination for law entrance aspirants. With its unrivaled expertise, cutting-edge resources, and unwavering commitment to student success, this institution has emerged as the undeniable first choice for those ready to embark on their legal journey. Prepare to be captivated by our comprehensive guide that unveils why Knowledge Nation Law Centre stands head and shoulders above the rest in shaping tomorrow’s top-notch legal minds.


In the hub of Delhi’s education centres, Knowledge Nation Law Centre is among the most reputed and renowned law coaching institutes. The Knowledge Nation Law Centre is well known for its preparation courses and techniques to help students in various law courses. Law entrance exams in India are among the top exams for admission to presidential law schools.

With different preparation lengths, the centre specializes in law entrance exams such as CLAT, AILET, and DU.LLB, LSAT, and CUET LAW across the country. In order to achieve higher scores in law exams, Knowledge Nation offers updated law coaching classes following the trends and demands of the exams.

They are a team of law experts ready to help you and guide you in your pursuit to achieve your goals. They offer various law courses, each designed according to the demands and latest trends of the exam. Our specially designed course modules by the team of legal experts include a combination of hard work as well as smart work in which they make their students ace law entrance through clarity in concepts and extensive practice. With regular seminars and counselling sessions, they nurture the aspirants to facilitate achievement, and it fulfils their purpose to ensure the next generation a successful and rewarding future.

Courses Offered

The Knowledge Nation Law Center covers all law entrance exams and competitive law exams. Here is a list of the courses they offer and the exams they cover:

Common Law Admission Test (CLAT):

The Common Law Admission Test is known as a way for students to get admission into law schools in India. After completing +2, students take the CLAT to apply to law schools. Knowledge Nation Law Centre offers specialized law entrance exam coaching to help students prepare for the CLAT and other exams. Their coaching course covers all the sections from the CLAT exam, including current affairs, reasoning, data integration, deductive reasoning, and English. Knowledge Nation Law Centre will cover all the aspects of the CLAT exam in their coaching.

All India Law Entrance Test (AILET):

The National Law University, Delhi (NUd) conducts the AILET exam for admission to law courses at graduation and post-graduation levels. The Knowledge Nation Law Centre provides a comprehensive course for the preparation for the AILET exam. Their courses focus individually on different sections of AILET, such as logical reasoning, English including comprehension, elementary mathematics(numerical ability), general knowledge, legal aptitude, and current affairs.

The DU.LLB is:

The faculty of law at Delhi University offers a 3-year law course called DU.LLB. Every year, they administer a separate examination for this course, and admission is granted to students who rank on the final merit list. Knowledge Nation Law Centre provides an all-inclusive coaching program designed specifically for individuals interested in preparing for the DU.LLB exam. Their comprehensive course covers various subjects such as English comprehension, legal aptitude, numerical ability (including elementary math), logical reasoning, general knowledge, and current affairs.

Law School Admission Test (LSAT):

University of Melbourne, Canada, the United States, and other developing countries require the LSAT to be passed in order to enrol in law courses. Most integrated 5-year programs require the LSAT. Knowledge Nation Law Centre offers coaching courses for all phases and sections of the LSAT. They include test series, analytical reasoning, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning preparation.

Fee Structure

Course NameFee
CLAT(Common Law Admission Test)Rs 121000
AILET(All India Law Entrance Test)Rs 90000
DU.LLBRs 100000
LSATRs 85000

Previous year results

Over the years, Knowledge Nation has assisted many students in passing law entrance exams. The centre is based in Delhi and NCR, with the main centre located in Hauz Khas. It is also known for its 87% success rate. They have assisted many students in clearing law entrance exams and obtaining admission to universities according to their goals over the years.

Experienced Faculties

Its law centre offers well-known and experienced coaches to students. Students can rely on Knowledge Nation Law Centre to guide them in finding the right way to achieve their law exam scores, as many of them are alumni themselves. They have been working in the industry for years. In addition, this experience can be beneficial for students preparing for exams in a positive way. They have experience handling complex questions, exam patterns, and other aspects of exams.

Our establishment is continuously making an effort to update and improve the curriculum in accordance with the latest trends and patterns. They take every possible measure to maintain a strong connection between industry and academia, as it plays a crucial role in shaping the future of young individuals. Industry professionals actively develop course content and methods and provide training. They have signed agreements with multiple law firms to train their students and encourage them to gain practical experience by handling real tasks.

Owner And Director

Currently serving as Managing Director of Knowledge Nation Law Centre, New Delhi, Mr Ashish Tayal is an award-winning young author, a well-known educator, and a mentor. In the competitive world, he has assisted students in choosing the right career path based on his experience and acumen in counselling. As well as teaching and administrative work, he is responsible for setting up the KN Publication House.

Focus on a smaller batch size

Providing small batch sizes to students at Knowledge Nation Law Center ensures that all students are given equal attention and guidance. With a small batch size of knowledge, the Nation Law Center ensures every student receives personalized attention and mentorship. Experts personally oversee each student’s progress and improvement.

At the knowledge nation law centre, students can access papers from last year to help them understand the pattern, complexity, and practice requirements for upcoming exams. This is especially helpful for students who want to improve consistency and discipline when studying for their exams. They are also provided with daily worksheets to help them practice. In addition, different sections of the exam are covered separately so that students can be confident about their preparedness for any specific section.

Study Materials

Due to the abundance of online study materials, it can be difficult to identify which is best for your preparation journey. Knowledge nation law Centre believes in offering their students detailed and comprehensive study material specifically tailored towards different entrance exams. The centre has a wide variety of books and supplementary resources that help students better understand the material while taking notes during class sessions. This system allows students to prepare for exams while following the same coursework and curriculum as their peers. Rather than exploring a variety of options online, choose Knowledge nation law Centre for all your legal education needs.

Along with the small batch size, they also offer law test series. For students to evaluate their progress and focus on different aspects of exams, Knowledge Nation Law Centre organizes test series that are tailored to the updated patterns of law entrance exams. The test series are designed per the updated law entrance exam patterns. Moreover, teachers evaluate students’ results and identify weak areas.

Mode of Coaching 

Knowledge Nation Law Centre is the first choice for law entrance aspirants because it offers both online and offline coaching. Online coaching is provided through an interactive platform that helps aspirants understand law concepts. Offline coaching is offered in person, which helps aspirants develop their skills and prepare for the legal examination. The centre also has a wide range of courses available to help aspirants in their legal journey. 

Hours of operation

Knowledge Nation Law Centre is the first choice for law aspirants as it has a long and illustrious history of providing quality legal services to the public. The Centre’s operational hours:

Sunday – 10 am to 7 pm

Monday – 10 am to 7 pm

Tuesday – 10 am to 7 pm

Wednesday – 10 am to 7 pm

Thursday – 10 am to 7 pm

Friday – 10 am to 7 pm

Saturday – 10 am to 7 pm

Contact Details 

Address 47/1 First Floor, Kalu Sarai, Hauz Khas 110016 Nearest Metro-Hauz Khas – Exit No. 4
Phone Number+91-9999882858 ,+91-9999882757 
Social Media SitesFacebook  Instagram 


With a high success rate and high achievement of students in law exams through their coaching, Knowledge Nation Law Centre in Delhi is well-known in the market for its coaching in law entrance exams. The following information about the coaching centre will help you prepare for the law entrance exam. You can also schedule demo classes with them at the centre or on social media.

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