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Karat Lawz Academy

The law field emerged as the first preference for the students, and it became more competitive due to the increasing number of aspirants. Students began their preparation after 12th grade and graduation for CLAT, DU (CUET), the High Judiciary Exam, and so on. It is not that easy to crack the examination without any coaching. A coach provides the required assistance to the students. Karat Lawz Academy is one of the most popular academies nationwide. The centres of this academy are located in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. The teaching method, faculty, batch services, instruction of language, facilities, class environment, and batch size are the factors that make this institution preferable for you.

About Karat Lawz Academy

This institution is committed to qualitative education. This academy has had outstanding results in the past few years. Their agenda is to emphasize the syllabus and help students crack the examination with the right strategy.

The joint efforts of Dr Nikhil Kashyap and Mr Uday Singh Rathor established this Academy. Their efforts make this legal journey easier for the students. They have a unique teaching methodology. This institution emphasises graphics and visualization studies rather than paragraphs and theorizing. They build a connection with students until the aspirants achieve their goals.

KLA makes your dream come true through their teaching process, and they have key mantras for the success of students. They aim to broaden the dimensions of the dreams of thousands of students.


Director’s vision

Dr Nikhil and Mr Uday Singh Rathor are the directors of this institution. Dr Nikhil is an outstanding mentor who guides students. He is a motivational speaker with exceptional orating skills that have made him popular among the aspirants.

Mr Uday Singh Rathore is the founder of this academy. He provides a conceptual understanding to the students of law subjects. He is one of the most loving mentors among the students.

Courses offered by KLM

There is a wide range of courses offered by Karat Lawz Academy with the vision of maximizing the selection of students in the law field.

  • Judiciary comprehensive course (English)

This is 15 months most reliable and extensive classroom program. The Judiciary Comprehensive Course is available in both online and offline modes. This course includes various interactive sessions and a test series. It is a comprehensive crash course that gives a conceptual understanding of the fundamentals of law. It is designed to get maximum results. This course lets you get the important concept in a more unique and precise form. The Judiciary course is available for ₹1,85,000 for students who want to take this course in offline mode, and online mode; the class fees are ₹1,50,000. This program covers a syllabus including topics related to Major laws, minor laws, local laws, general knowledge, language, and judgment writing.

This course includes live online classes, Mock interview sessions on a regular basis, 6 days a week, 4-6 hour classes per day, the availability of recorded lecture videos, 50,000+ subject-wise MCQs, answer writing improvement, test series, doubt sessions, current affairs, legal maxims, doctrine, and so on.

  • Judiciary Comprehensive Course (Hindi)

It is a 15-month, extensive program. Language is not a barrier for this academy. This course is available in Hindi. This course gives a brief understanding of the law’s foundation. This institution will guide you in developing the right strategy through various test series, current affairs, interactive sessions, etc. This course is one of the most promising judicial exam programs. The Judiciary Comprehensive Course (in Hindi) is an umbrella course that covers almost every examination in the judiciary field. This course is available offline and online under an affordable fee structure. This program covers the syllabus, including topics related to Major laws, minor laws, local laws, general knowledge, language, and judgment writing in Hindi.

This course includes live online classes, 6 days of classes a week, 4-6 hours of classes per day, the availability of recorded lecture videos, 50,000+ subject-wise MCQs, answer-writing improvement, test series, doubt sessions, current affairs, legal maxims, doctrine, and so on.



CLAT IATOR prepares you for the common law admission test. This is an online exam that prepares you for UG. It includes 150 MCQs. This will prepare you for the CLAT examination. It is available in both online and offline modes. It includes offline and online classes with recorded class lectures; it covers various MCQ test series; it conducts regular doubt sessions; and it assures current affairs and a monthly magazine for students. CLAT IATOR is a six-month program and has a fee structure of 45,000. A 45-day crash course is available for 25000, and a 3-month foundation course is available for ₹35000.


This program will prepare students who want to appear in the PG CLAT examination. It is available in three durations. First is a 6-month course under ₹60,000/-, a 3-month foundation course under ₹ 40,000, and a 45-day crash course under ₹40,000. This course will provide you with offline and online classes with recorded lectures, mock test series, previous year paper analysis, doubt session classes, and so on.

  • DU LLB 


This course is available in hybrid mode and includes various mock test series, online lecture availability, previous year paper analysis, doubt sessions, current affairs, weekly revision classes, and so on at an affordable price of 25,000. It is one of the most popular courses among students due to its wide coverage of the syllabus. It covers English comprehension, general aptitude, general knowledge, computer basics, logical reasoning, etc.

Fees Structure 

Karat lawz academy ensures a wide range of courses at an affordable price so that students can fulfil their dreams without facing any hurdles. 

Judiciary comprehensive course (English)Offline –  ₹1,85,000 /-Online –  ₹1,50,000. /-
Judiciary Comprehensive Course (Hindi)Offline –  ₹1,85,000 /-Online –  ₹1,50,000. /-
CLAT IATOR – UG6 month – ₹ 45000/3 month – ₹ 35000/-45 days –  ₹25000/-
CLAT IATOR PG6 month – ₹ 60000/3 month – ₹ 40000/-45 days –  ₹40000/-
DU LLB ₹ 25000/- 

Why do you prefer Karat Lawz Academy?

This institution is available in both online and offline modes at the convenience of the student. They provide recorded lectures for the students. This academy believes in making the students’ dreams a reality, and the vision to ensure qualitative education is the strong reason behind considering this academy. They provide concise and well-researched study material for the students. The ideology of this academy is to ensure visualization, or picture-based understanding, rather than theorizing understanding. They have unique and precise study material from an exam perspective. It includes all the latest material as per the exam requirements. The well-experienced faculty of this academy makes it more accessible for students. Here, the director himself has more than 10 years of experience in this legal field. Here, faculties have expertise in their fields.

This academy covers more than 50,000 multiple-choice questions. More than 3000 students have enrolled in this academy; more than 150 students have top marks in the examinations from this academy, and it has associations with more than 50 colleges.

 Affordable fee structure, study material, experienced faculty, a wide range of courses, interactive sessions, test series, mock tests, answer writing practice, current affairs coverage, CUET preparation, etc., are the factors that make this academy preferable for you.


Karat Lawz Academy ensures a wide range of facilities for students so that they can concentrate on studying and achieve their goals without facing any hurdles.

  • Permanent faculties

KLA has permanent faculty with a minimum of 10 years of experience in this teaching field. This faculty helps students throughout their law preparation and conducts tests regularly to improve their writing and learning abilities. Dr Nikil Kashayap, Mr Uday Singh Rathore, and Mr Tushar Ved are the core faculty of this academy. They give a broad overview and clarify the fundamentals for students related to the law syllabus.

  • Batches as per student convenience

KLA conducts the classes at the convenience of the students. They provide classes in both offline and online modes. They are accessible to students in every corner of our nation. They provide classes for every section of society.

  • Mock interview

KLA conducts mock interviews for the students to improve their performance in the exam. Mock interviews help students with their performance evaluations. Here, the experts give their opinion about the student’s confidence and personality after the interview. so that students can work on their weak areas.

  • Answer writing

Answer writing is a core part of the preparation for a judicial examination. Karat Lawz Academy conducts various writing practice programs and tests to improve the student’s writing skills. Teachers evaluate the answer, which helps the students work on their mistakes and improve the quality of the content.

  • Special emphasis on general knowledge and minor laws

This academy emphasizes general knowledge and minor laws. Current affairs are crucial during law preparation, and KLA ensures the availability of various materials for the students.


Karat Lawz Academy is known among aspirants due to its popular faculty. Dr. Nikhil and Mr. Uday are the popular faculty of this academy. Teachers have more than 10 years of experience and expertise in their field. Their passion for the law field boosts the students throughout their law preparation. They conduct various doubt-solving sessions and tests to improve the overall performance of the students.


Karat Lawz Academy has higher judicial results. In 2022, this academy will have 100% results.

  • Prashant Kumar Verma got selected for the Jharkhand judiciary examination. He has taken coaching from Karat Lawz Academy.
  • Kanika Sharma was a KLA student. She has cracked the Bihar judiciary examination.
  • Sayesha Chaudhary cracked the Rajasthan Judicial Service Examination by taking coaching from their Institution.
  • Suhasini Vashishta got selected for the Jammu and Kashmir Judicial Service after taking classes at Karat Lawz Academy.

Pooja Jain, Deepanker Mohan, Girish, Shiv Kumar, Gunjan Gupta, and Ankit Mehta Aman Pratap, etc. These are the names of those who have successfully cracked higher judicial examinations by taking coaching from Karat Lawz Academy.

This academy has given more than 150 talented judges to this nation. Their rating is 9 out of 10 due to their 100% results in higher judicial service examinations.

Hostel Availability

There are no such hostel facilities provided by this institution. If students want to join the program, they have to accommodate themselves in Delhi or Noida. This academy doesn’t provide any hostel assistance for the students.


KLA has its centre at three locations. It has centres in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. In Delhi, it is located at Mukherjee Nagar. Both places are known as hubs for law coaching. Another one is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


Various reviews have been shared by the students who have taken coaching from this institution. This academy has a 5-out-of-5 rating due to its best faculty and facilities.

  • I join the judiciary classes in this coaching. I must say that Uday sir and Nikhil Sir are the best teachers and mentors. They give attention to every student and guide you to improve your knowledge. If you want to clear your low concept, then you must join KLA for a better vision and a better future. Neelam Chaudhary
  • One of the best coaching institutions for the judiciary, the concepts are so clearly explained, and there are continuous weekly tests to better monitor the progress of every student. There is the same amount of focus on every student, which helps during the time of preparation. I genuinely recommend this coaching institution for the judiciary. Anushka Raghunath
  • “The go-to places” for every judiciary aspirant Uday sir and Nikhil Sir are the finest mentors one could get. They have an awesome way of teaching with an always welcoming attitude for doubt clarification. Regular mock tests are conducted along with personal performance-related feedback for every student. Payal Garg
Address 533, 1st floor, opposite signature view apartment, mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi -110009u-198, 3rd floor, near state bank of baroda, metro station gate no.4 ,laxmi nagar, delhi -110092B-3,sector 2, near sector 15 metro station, noida, uttar pradesh -201301b-11, first floor, opposite meerut sweets, mukherjee nagar, Delhi 110009
Email Addressinfo@karatlawzacademy.com 
Contact number 8929514009  
Website /https://karatlawzacademy.com/# 
Rating 5/5
CentreDelhi and Noida
Social Media Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Telegram 


Karat Lawz Academy is a popular academy in Delhi and Noida. This academy is popular due to its 100% results. It is one of the top preferences among students due to its Facilities and well-experienced faculties. This academy ensures various test series, answer-writing practice, interactive sessions, mock tests, and so on. It is a preferable academy for law entrance preparation for the aspirants.

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