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Coaching institutes are one of the most important factors in preparation for competitive exams. Ensure you have the right guidance, direction, and preparation material, and more coaching is helpful. IMS is one of the most prestigious and oldest coaching institutes in India. 

IMS is one of the oldest and most well-known coaching institutes founded in 1977 in Mumbai by professor N.R. Rane. The institute is known for its test preparation for the CAT and other competitive exams to acquire admissions to top schools in India and abroad. They started as self-learning programs in Bombay which later converted into test preparation and counseling brands that offer classroom and online programs. In addition, they have ranked 4th in the education sector, and 44th as the most trusted brand in India. The coaching institute has trained more than 50k students who got admission to prestigious institutes in India and abroad. 

IMS has its presence in 50+ cities with more than 100 centers offering preparation courses. Moreover, every year, the institute enrolls more than 75,000 students in different programs. 

Starting Year

Founded Prof. N.R.Rane in Mumbai in 1977 

Courses Offered and Fee Structure

IMS has been offering a vast range of programs to high school students, college students as well as working professionals to help prepare for different competitive exams. In addition, they also provide coaching for personality development and admission to schools abroad. Here are the different courses offered by IMS. 

Cat – Students who want to take admission to top business schools in India such as IIM, FMS, IBS, and more have to give the CAT exam. In addition, IMS offers complete preparation for CAT exams in both online and offline modes. Here are some of the courses that students can choose for preparation of CAT: 

  • Catapult live 
  • SLP + Catapult 
  • Catapult SLP

Advanced Simcat- Test series launched by IMS for CAT preparation. Moreover, IMS offers national-level test series for the preparation of courses. Students along with the courses will receive test series to perform. However, students who do not study with IMS can opt for their test series separately. 

  • SimCat Elite 
  • Test series Simcat

IMS GATE Academy Programs

IMS offers a range of programs for the GATE exam for computer courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students. These courses for GATE include foundation courses, crash courses, and online, and classroom courses. IMS offers hybrid programs for GATE in Coimbatore, Bangalore, Vijayawada, and Nagpur. Therefore, you can start preparation for GATE for NITs, IISc, PSU, and IITs. 

In addition, IMS offers GATE for specialized programs such as Mechanical Engineering (ME), Electronics & Communication Engineering (EC), and Civil Engineering (CE). Also, Electrical Engineering (EE), Information Technology Engineering (CS), Instrumentation Engineering (IN) & Computer Science. Here is the list of courses available by IMS in the GATE section:

Gate Me Mechanical Engineering

  • Live Online 
  • Gate Hybrid 

CE Civil Engineering GATE

  • Live Online Gate
  • Hybrid 
  • GATE Classroom

GATE EE Electrical Engineering 

  • Hybrid (electrical)
  • GATE Classroom (electrical)

EC( Electrical & Communication) 

  • Live Online Gate
  • Hybrid 
  • Classroom GATE 

GATE( Instrumentation) 

  • Live Online Gate 
  • Hybrid 
  • GATE Classroom


  • Live Online Gate
  • Hybrid 
  • GATE Classroom

Exams after +2

Students who are in high school and want to acquire admission to top schools for undergrad programs must clear entrance exams respectively. There are different entrance exams for different courses. So, depending on your goals, you can opt for courses provided by IMS. Here is the list of courses to prepare for entrance exams for +2 students: 

IPM BBA: IMS offers a range of courses for the preparation of the IPM BBA entrance exam. So, students can opt for the following online and offline courses: 

  • IPM BBA Classroom.
  • Live Online.
  • Indore Classroom IPM BBA
  • IPM BBA Indore Live

CUET: IMS also provides coaching for the CUET exam. You can take courses as well as test series for preparation. So, here is a list of options by IMS for CUET preparation: 

  • CUET Comprehensive Test.
  • Comprehensive Test and General Test Online.
  • CUET Science Self-Learning Program.

LLB: Students who want to take admission to top law schools must clear law entrance exams. IMS helps students in preparing law entrance exams. Also, they provide complete courses for law exams such as: 

  • CLAT 
  • Exclusive Classroom 2025 CLAT
  • CLAT Exclusive Online 2025
  • Law Comprehensive Classroom 2025
  • Comprehensive Law Online 2025

Hotel Management exam: If you are planning to take admission to a top hotel management college in India, hotel management entrance exams are important. In addition, IMS offers a range of courses for hotel entrance exam preparation such as: 

  • Hotel Management live online 2023. 
  • Classroom Hotel Management
  • Hotel Management self-learning program. 

International exams 

  • IMS also provides coaching for international competitive exams to acquire admissions to top schools in the world for higher education. So, here is the list of courses offered by IMS for international exams: 

GMAT- GMAT is another international competitive exam that students can take for admission to business courses abroad. IMS offers different courses for the preparation for GMAT and to gain high scores. So, here are some of the different courses:

  • GMAT Classroom
  • Live Online 
  • Executive MBA in India

GRE: GRE is one of the most popular exams to take for admission in universities in the US, IMS helps students gain high scores in GRE in different courses. So, here are some GRE preparation courses by IMS: 

  • GRE Classroom
  • SLP
  • GRE Live Online

SAT: To take admission to top schools abroad, SAT is one of the top exams. IMS offers online preparation for SAT exam with their comprehensive course: 

  • SAT Live

CMAT: IMS offers courses for preparation for CMAT. These courses are designed to prepare from scratch, so they are suitable for beginners. CMAT courses are available in both online and classroom modes. So, here are two CMAT courses by IMS: 

  • NMAT-SNAP-CMAT Comprehensive 2024
  • NMAT-SNAP-CMAT Self-Learning Program 2024

IELTS: IMS also provides courses for the preparation of IELTS for students. Therefore, you can prepare for the IELTS exam online with top faculty at IMS. 

TOEFL: IMS provides TOEFL preparation to study abroad for higher education. Students who are planning to study abroad can start their TOEFL preparation online with IMS programs. 

Profile Building: 

IMS offers special courses for profile building to students. They help students diversify their profile and build a strong front for top schools in the world. Profile building helps students to enhance their profiles to increase their chances of admission to top schools. Moreover, IMS offers different profile-building courses for students such as: 

  • Coursera 1 month
  • 3 months Coursera
  • Coursera 6 months

Bank, SSC-CGL & Govt. Exam Classroom Program: Special courses for the preparation of government exams for jobs. 

Fee Structure 

Course Name Cost
CATRs 24,000 to Rs 36,000
CETRs 7,000 to 15,000
CMATRs 10,000 to Rs 15,000+
Bank, CGL, SSCRs 30,000+(tentative)
GATERs 51,000+
CLATRs 50,000+
IPM Rs 40,000+
GRERs 7,000 to Rs 20,000
SATRs 68,000

Previous Year Results and Alumni

IMS has trained more than 50k students and received thousands of successful results. Some of them are now alumni of top schools. So, here is the list of some of their results and diverse alumni: 

  • Adarsh Dm- GATE-2022-EC AIR-45
  • Akash Mondal- GATE-2022-CS AIR-52
  • Alok Shakti- GATE-2018-CE AIR-4
  • Amit Kumar- GATE-2022-EE AIR-60
  • Amit Kumar- GATE-2022-EE AIR-60
  • Ashutosh Rai- GATE-2020-ME AIR-3
  • Ayush Singh- GATE-2022-CE AIR-22
  • Bharath S- GATE-2023-EC AIR-595
  • Harishankar M- GMAT Score: 760 (Q48 V45)
  • Dhir Gada- MBA CET 2022 – 99.99 Percentile
  • Himanshu Parkar- MBA CET 2022 – 99.99 Percentile
  • Srajal Gupta- CAT 2022 – 100 Percentile
  • Ananya Pradhan- Converted XIMB
  • Viren Parekh- MBA CET 2022 – 99.99 Percentile
  • Soham Katkar- CAT 2021 – 100 Percentile
  • Namit Garg- CAT 2020 – 100 Percentile
  • Vaidehi Gosawi- University of California Irvine, IELTS: 7.5
  • Chaitanya Sheopurkar- he University of Delaware, SAT: 1400, TOEFL: 105
  • Yashoheet Sethi- Purdue University, SAT: 1410, TOEFL: 107
  • Manu Bansal – NPAT R13- NPAT R13
  • Hrishikesh Mali- Final Convert: Punjab National Bank (PO)
  • Eric Anirban Swargowari- Final Admit: SBI PO
  • Shubranshu Mahapatra- University of Pennsylvania, GRE Score: 331, TOEFL: 109
  • Natasha Desai- Manchester University, GRE Score: 333
  • Arshdeep Sood- Georgia Institute of Technology, GRE Score: 322
  • Ankit Thakker- CET 2020 – 99.99 Percentile
  • Akshat Nagori- Yale School of Management, GMAT Score: 760
  • Nishita Palkar- Harvard Business School, GMAT Score: 710
  • Priyanshu- CAT 2019 – 100 Percentile

Teachers and their Qualifications

IMS has a large faculty and employees across India with specialized coaching experience. The faculty is selected after a strong hiring process to ensure students learn from the best faculty. Moreover, they have specialized faculty in all centers across India as well as for online courses. So, here we are enlisting some of their faculty from their coaching institutes: 

  • Ayush Gupta- Verbal/GD-PI: PGDM-MDI Gurgaon 
  • Abhishek Pathak- Chief Mentor UG/PG Delhi NCR: IIM Shillong Alumni.
  • Aman Verma- Quant, LR-DL instructor:, PGDM. 
  • Sandeep Sharma- Lead mentor Quant: Double masters in math and physics. 
  • Dhaval Kunte- Lead mentor: MBA NMIMS
  • Dnyaneshwar Bhise- Mentor Quant: engineering & MBA. 
  • Ranjit Calangutkar- Chief Mentor: IIM Lucknow alumni. 

Name of Owners/Directors

Here is the main management of IMS: 

  • Amit Somaiya- co-founder and group CEO of IMS Group. 
  • Prof. N.R. Rane- Co-founder 
  • Mr. Kamlesh Sajnani- Managing director who expanded IMS across India. 

Batch Size

IMS offers small batch sizes for different courses. So, the majority of courses have a batch size between 30-35. 

Study Material

IMS is known for its range of courses and study material, the coaching institute offers exclusive study material for competitive exams on different subjects. These study materials are included in the course fee for online and offline courses. However, students can also purchase study material on their website even if they are not students. Also, the institute offers printed study material for different subjects and courses. 

Hostel and Mess Facility

Yes! They offer hostels and mess facilities in some of the coaching centers across India. 

No. of Classrooms

4-5 classrooms approximately in most centers. 

Mode of Coaching

Both- Online and Offline. IMS offers a range of courses for preparation for competitive exams in both online and offline manner. Some courses are available offline or in classroom mode in 50+ cities across India. While the majority of courses are also available online to study anytime. 

Hours of Operation

Centers are open from:

Monday: 9:00 am to 9:00pm 

Tuesday: 9:00 am to 9:00pm 

Wednesday: 9:00 am to 9:00pm 

Thursday: 9:00 am to 9:00pm 

Friday: 9:00 am to 9:00pm 

Saturday: 9:00 am to 9:00pm 

Contact Details

Address6th Floor, NCL Building, ‘E’ Block, Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC), (Next to CITY PARK – Garden), Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400051.- CORPORATE OFFICE
Phone number02266170000|02266680005|18001234467
Google Business Profile

Social Media Handles

Linked In 

Rating out of 5 

IMS is rated 4.1 out of 5 for their courses, facilities, faculty, and other features. 


I was here for the CUET crash course 2023. The institute is really nice and the faculty is very helpful and supportive. All doubts are cleared regularly. My mentor was Ritika Mam who guided me throughout the process. Teachers here are highly educated. Overall, a very nice experience studying there. – swati sharma

Ims provided me with the best guidance for undergraduate courses. My mentor Ritika Ma’am helped me in my preparation. Also, the Faculty is highly educated. Overall, it’s a nice institute to prepare for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses! – Rashi Chugh

Nice Institute. The staff and teachers are very helpful and supportive. The doubts get solved after the class. My mentor was Ritika mam and she guided me all over my journey of IPMAT. Now I got a PI call for my IPMAT Rohtak exam. Very good Institute if one wants to study for the entrance examinations. – Medha

IMS has a really good and professional faculty, which helped me throughout my journey to Delhi University. My mentor was Ritika mam. She has a very humble and helpful nature. IMS helped me score 100% marks in both English and General test and helped me get my dream course BMS in DU. Join IMS, you will be in good hands. – Aditya Agrawal


These are complete details of the IMS institute that you need to know for the preparation of competitive exams. You can check out their official website, and social media platforms for more information. In addition, they offer demo classes for different courses at their centers.

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