How to Crack CLAT in Just 6 Months of Preparation

CLAT or the Common Law Admission Test is one of the toughest competitive examinations in the country. Clearing this examination will open the doors to 25 National Law Universities in the country for you. Students spend a significant amount of time preparing for this exam so that they can become successful legal professionals in the future. 

But what if you have only 6 months left till the examination and want to prepare? The vast syllabus, a wide number of subjects, and a tricky exam pattern might feel overwhelming at first. But worry not. In this article, we have compiled the best tips and tricks that will help you succeed with flying colors. We have also added detailed insights into the exam blueprint and added a study plan that will help you.

Read on to unveil the key ways to get success in this competitive examination!

Exam Blueprint and Subsections

Before we jump to the study plan and the essential tips for cracking the CLAT exam with 6 months of preparation, let us have a look at what is included in the examination. 

Here’s a list of the subjects, their weightage, and the number of questions in the CLAT exam from the respective subject:


  • Weightage ≈ 20%
  • Number of Questions ≈ 28-32

Current Affairs

  • Weightage ≈ 25%
  • Number of Questions ≈ 35-39

Legal Reasoning 

  • Weightage ≈ 25%
  • Number of Questions ≈ 35-39

Logical Reasoning

  • Weightage ≈ 20%
  • Number of Questions ≈ 28-32

Quantitative Techniques

  • Weightage ≈ 10%
  • Number of Questions = 13-17

Study Plan

Here’s a well-thought study plan that will prove to be extremely helpful for you:

  1. 1st Month: In the first month of your preparation journey, start by viewing the syllabus thoroughly. Then make a timetable that suits your schedule. Ensure that you include enough breaks and rest so that you’re stronger and more focused when studying.
  1. 2nd Month: Wrap up the GK and Legal Aptitude sections of the syllabus.
  1. 3rd Month: Start the Mathematics, English, and Logical Reasoning sections during the third month of your preparation journey.
  1. 4th Month: Focus on revision and practice in the fourth month. While completing the remaining parts of Math, English, and LR, you can revise the sections covered in the second month.
  1. 5th Month: You’ve only 2 months at hand now. This is the month when you solve mock tests and sample papers, revise all that you have studied, and ensure you remember all formulae necessary for the math questions. 
  1. 6th Month: You’re close to the final showdown now. You have to strictly focus on solving mock tests this month. Analyze your results, understand what you need to improve, and be prepared for the exam day to arrive!

Tips and Tricks to Crack the CLAT Exam in 6 Months

1. Create a Study Plan

This is the first step in your preparation journey. DO NOT start studying for an exam without making a proper, well-thought study plan. Creating one is important because it acts as a route map for your preparation journey. A study plan guides you and helps you keep an eye on your progress. Without a study plan, you’d be just sitting and studying one subject for 2 months and will never be able to finish your syllabus in 6 months, leave alone revising and practicing. 

2. Don’t Miss Anything

While it is easier to think that missing a certain small part of your syllabus like reasoning or quantitative will cause no harm, it is UNTRUE. Remember that each section of your syllabus is there for a reason and one missing part your lead to a missed seat in the National Law Universities (NLUs). So, if you are genuinely interested in pursuing a higher educational degree in law, ensure that you are not leaving any stone unturned. 

3. Practice. Practice. Practice.

Practice does make you perfect! Once you’re done studying, ensure that you pick every possible mock test out there and solve it. Why? Practicing helps you revise and sharpen your memory. Moreover, when you attempt mock tests, you’ll be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and strategize accordingly for the future. This way, you’ll be better equipped to pass this competitive examination with flying colors. 

4. Stay Motivated

While preparation and hard work are important, it is important to ensure that your motivation levels are not dropping. When you are motivated, you learn better. That’s not all. You also remember better, perform better, and reap better results. This is because motivation brings with it the confidence that you can definitely crack the CLAT examination in 6 months of preparation. Hence, be around people who support and motivate you to prepare with more determination.

5. Take Care of Your Body

While your brain is working hard, your body may be just sitting on that study table for hours. And this is not at all good. You might even end up skipping or delaying meals for the sake of studying. While this looks like a little adjustment, it might hurt you in the long run. Stay nourished and hydrated throughout the day by drinking water, eating fruits, and a balanced diet in every meal. And when you sit to study, ensure that your posture is correct. Take brief 5-minute breaks after every hour of sitting to study. This will relax your body and rejuvenate your brain. 

6. Don’t Befriend Procrastination

Procrastinating or rolling over tasks to the 11th hour? This is not a simple class test that you’ll write and pass. CLAT is one of the prestigious examinations in the country. And to prepare for such an extensive syllabus, you need to be on top of your toes. Start studying from day one. Cover that extra topic now instead of putting it on the next day’s agenda. This approach will allow you to be better prepared to crack the CLAT examination in 6 months. It will also fill you with self-confidence, a trait that many entrance exam aspirants lack. 

7. Keep Revising What You Studied in the Beginning

It is easy to forget things that you studied during the first or second month of your preparation. That is why revisions are important. At the end of each day, reserve a specific amount of time for your revision sessions. This way, you’ll remember the concepts, facts, and formulae for a longer time. As a result, you will be better equipped to pass the CLAT exam with flying colors. 

8. Join Crash Courses

The best way to prepare for the CLAT exam and crack it within 6 months is to take the help of a reputed coaching center for your preparation. There are many reasons why this is a beneficial step in your journey. Firstly, their expert faculty members will be able to guide you better. Secondly, they already have a tried and tested study plan in place. Hence, you won’t have to prepare your own. Moreover, the environment at these coaching centers is extremely competitive. This will motivate you to do better. Lastly, when you join a coaching center, there’s barely any room for being lazy or procrastinating. 


Now that you’re aware of what you must do to crack the CLAT exam in 6 months of preparation, it is time to understand what you shouldn’t do if you wish to succeed:

  • Don’t try to skip mock tests.
  • Don’t skip revision sessions.
  • Don’t forget to rest and hydrate.
  • Don’t ignore the logical reasoning section. 
  • Don’t waste too much time behind one section.
  • Don’t start studying before preparing a study plan.
  • Don’t delay further. 6 months is a short time and passes by in the blink of an eye, and wasting time will not benefit you. 
  • Don’t use multiple references and resources. Narrow down the best ones and stick to those when studying. 


These were our top tricks and tips for studying to crack the CLAT exam in 6 months of preparation. We hope that these help you in your journey to becoming a successful lawyer by getting admission to the top NLUs in India. Remember that you’ve only 6 months to prepare, and will be competing with other aspirants who may have spent more than a year preparing for this prestigious national-level examination. So study smart, take care of your body, and keep analyzing your own performance over time. All the best!


1. Is it possible to crack the CLAT exam in 6 months?

While it is true that there is no shortcut to success, with hard work and dedication, you can definitely try to crack CLAT in 6 months of preparation.

2. The weightage of quantitative techniques is very less. What if I skip it?

Each section in the CLAT examination is important, irrespective of the weightage. 10% of your total questions will be asked from this section, so it is not at all a good idea to skip it. 

3. How should I approach the CLAT paper on the exam day?

Each question in the CLAT examination carries equal marks. But this does not mean you must start chronologically or backward. You must instead focus on solving the questions that you feel are the easiest for you. 

4. What are the total marks in the Common Law Entrance Test examination?

The maximum marks you can get in the CLAT examination are 120. You get a total of 2 hours or 120 minutes to solve this paper.

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