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FIRST IAS Institute

Why is FIRST IAS Institute the first choice for UPSC CSE Aspirants?

The Indian administrative exam is conducted by the UPSC, and it is considered one of the toughest exams in India. Aspirants from every corner of the country are preparing for this examination, and along with the coaching guidance, it becomes a bit easier to crack the examination. The FIRST IAS institution is one of the known Institutions located in Delhi. This institution will enrich you with leadership qualities through qualitative education.

About the First IAS Institute

First, IAS Institute provides you with an integrated course for UPSC preparation and ensures the best guidance from our experts. They help students in their UPSC strategy and planning. They offer a wide range of courses related to UPSC. This institution was established in 2009 by the ex-officers. The first IAS institution is one of the oldest coaching centres in Delhi. We trained students for various posts like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. Our institution got a rank of 1 for IAS and state PCS preparation. They have faculties of ex-officers and become the first choice for the students in their UPSC and State PCS preparation.

The vision and mission of this institute are the core elements that attract students to their Institution. They have a mission to provide qualitative education at an affordable price. This institution helps students recognize their talent and instil them with knowledge. The vision of this institution is to prepare a leader for the country. At present, the First IAS Institute has become the first preference among students.

Course and affordable fee structure

  • GS (prelims + mains) + CSAT + Essay + optional


Time management, discipline, and perseverance are equally important throughout the preparation for UPSC, and this institution provides GS (prelims + mains) + CSAT + Essay + optional courses that provide a basic understanding to the aspirant.

  • GS (prelims, Cum Mains) + CSAT + Essay

This course prepares you for prelims, CSAT, mains, and essays. Here you can understand the concept deeply, and the answer-writing classes will help you develop an efficient answer as per the requirements of this course.

  • GS (Prelims and Mains) + Essay

Here, you will be provided with an understanding of the core concepts and syllabus of UPSC. This course does not include an optional CSAT.

  • 1st year course

This course is a one-year course, and it is an integrated program that provides a solution for the students. In this course, you will be provided with effective guidance and mentorship. It will help you improve your writing skills. This course covers various optional exams at an affordable price.

  • 2nd year course

This is a 2-year integrated program. This program increases the chances of your selection at a younger age. Usually, students prepare for this examination after graduation, but you can prepare while pursuing your degree. This program includes all the syllabi of UPSC, and this course will develop qualitative writing skills among the students, which is the most important factor in civil service examinations.

  • 3-year course

It is a 3-year integrated programme with multiple benefits. Through this course, you can appear in the civil service examination just after your graduation. This programme covers all the subjects and syllabi related to the civil service examination. Through this course, you can overcome your weaknesses and strengthen your writing abilities.

Fees structure 

First IAS institute provides these courses at a reasonable price. This table of fees for various courses is given below :- 

Course Name Fees 
Foundation Course (Prelims + Mains) + CSAT + Essay + Optional Subject
GS (prelims + Mains) + CSAT + essay + optional          ₹1,98,500/-
GS (Prelims Cum Mains) + CSAT+ Essay

 GS( Prelims and Mains) + Essay

  Optional subject ₹48000

Why is the First IAS the first preference of students?

There are various reasons why FIRST IAS is the most popular institution among students. These reasons are as follows:

  • The first IAS institution provides you with an interactive classroom. The teacher faculty of this institution ensures the best teaching environment by following the updated UPSC pattern. In recent times, a sharp change in the UPSC question pattern has been observed. So, there, you can prepare yourself with updated knowledge. Here, faculties teach you from an exam perspective.
  • This institution also ensures detailed performance tests for students to improve their writing capabilities and skills. They provide a well-maintained schedule for the students.
  • Updated and well-researched study material is the core element of this institution. They have a special R&D team for preparing worthy written material for students.
  • You can find the best guidance for your interview at this institution. The experts at First IAS will guide you about your personality, communication skills, and confidence level for the interview session. They recommend better presentation methods for the interview.
  • The reputed faculty, quality study material, personal attention, toppers seminars, and the opportunity to enhance leadership qualities, and toppers seminars are the reasons that make this institution preferable for you.

Batch size of the institution

In comparison to other institutions. This institution has a small batch size. The small batch size gives a wide opportunity to students by taking part in interactive sessions.  There is one more plus point: the  Faculty guides the students and provides individual attention because of the small number of students in the classroom.

Past results of the academy

This institution produces effective results. Moreover, more than 90% of students have successfully cleared this examination and been selected for various reputed posts.

  • Mayank Patel is an IPS officer at present who has cleared his UPSC CSE in 2018 from this institution.
  • Shivangi Jain is an IAS officer who cleared her examination from this institution in 2019.
  • Pallavi Jha got selected for the UPSC CSE 2018. She has completed her preparation at the First IAS Institute.
  • Arshdeep Singh Rathor is an IRS officer who cracked this examination in 2017 from the First IAS institution.


The best facilities of the First IAS Institute for student selection

  • Live classes and offline classes by India’s best faculty

This institution provides classes in both online and offline modes for the convenience of students. Whether it is an offline or online mode, this institution ensures guidance from the top faculty.

  • Free study material (planned study material)

They provide well-researched and updated study material. Keep your study material concise, and this Study material is a planned study material formed by the R & D team of this institution that clarifies the basics of students.

  • Counselling session 

They conduct various interactive and counselling sessions for the students. These sessions were taken by the UPSC CSE experts team. This team guides the students throughout their UPSC journey.

  • Answer writing class and newspaper.

Answer writing and newspapers are the core of UPSC preparation, and here the faculty guides you in writing the answer effectively and keeps you updated on current affairs.

  • Test series

The facility conducts various tests every week to improve your performance for the exam. These test series help you focus on the exam pattern.

  • UPSC Classroom Course 

The first IAS institution provides classroom courses for aspirants who have just begun their UPSC journey. This institution covers a wide range of courses, including prelims, CSAT, essays, answer writing mains, and interview preparation.

Teachers and faculty at the First IAS Institute

  • The faculty at the First IAS Institute is well-experienced. The teachers have a minimum of 10 years of experience. The faculty makes this toughest journey easy through their exam observation and unique teaching methodology.
  • At this institution, faculty encourage and motivate the students throughout their Upsc journey. Teachers provide an evaluation of the test performance of each student. These evaluations help students improve their weak areas.
  • Teachers keep the classroom environment engaging and interactive. They solve all the doubts of the students. The faculty of this institution provide mentorship to the students, and they focus on quality and standard education. The teachers enriched the students with leadership qualities.
  • The faculty at First IAS is supportive, and they have an innovative way of teaching. They keep track of the performance of each student and assure doubt-solving for all the aspirants.

Hostel facilities 

There are no such hostel facilities provided by this institution. It is located in Delhi and provides classes in both offline and online modes. So if students want to be accommodated in Delhi, then they have to find hostel facilities on their own. This institution doesn’t ensure hostel facilities.

Reviews of students

The First IAS Institution is a top-ranked institution in Delhi. It has a rating of 4.9 out of 5. This section includes reviews from students about this institution.

  • “Obliged to be a part of the First IAS Institute: first of all, I want to thank the First IAS for all its efforts. I moved to Gujarat to be part of this prestigious institution. –  Mayank Patel (IPS)
  • Feel blessed to be part of the first IAS. “The whole team of the first IAS, including student teachers and staff members, have given me a priceless 1 year, and I have never felt I was preparing for one of the toughest exams in the world. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough vocabulary to thank you all.” – Shivangi Jain (IAS)
Address Address-47/1, Second Floor (Front Side,Kalu Sarai, Hauz khas, New Delhi, Delhi-110016
Contact number 919990228245
Rating 4.9/5
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook


The first IAS institution is the most considerable and first-ranking institution in Delhi. This institution was established by the ex-officers in 2009. It has a mission and vision to enrich students with leadership qualities and provide them with all the required assistance and guidance throughout their UPSC preparation. The study materials, various courses, experienced faculty, best results, interview sessions, test series, and so on Make this institution preferable for students.

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