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Drishti The Vision, established on November 1st, 1999, has become a top option for applicants preparing for the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). With more than a thousand picks from Drishti IAS, the institute has experienced tremendous success, particularly in Hindi. This impressive track record reinforces the conviction that students who fervently embrace their distinctive techniques and diligently adhere to their scientifically devised timetables are predestined to succeed in this renowned exam. Drishti IAS has chosen to provide a specialized education designed especially for English medium students out of a desire to empower and inspire a wider variety of candidates. 

The newly built English-medium course has the potential to provide applicants with a holistic learning experience, one that is characterized by consistent and smooth advancement in their preparation process. It is essential to ensure that students are well-rested with classwork to the point that they can’t manage their unique study schedules and pay attention. The launch of this specialized course is a testament to Drishti IAS’ commitment to providing high-quality instruction and support to all deserving individuals. Drishti IAS remains steadfastly committed to shaping the goals and aspirations of UPSC CSE candidates.


Drishti IAS is a well-known college offering a wide selection of classes designed to help students prepare for many crucial civil services examinations in India. The institute’s curricula cover the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) and state-level civil services examinations. These are the main classes that Drishti IAS offers:

  • Civil Services Examination (CSE) of the UPSC 

The Preliminary, Main, and Interview portions of the UPSC CSE are covered in this course, which is the cornerstone of Drishti IAS’s curriculum. It thoroughly covers the UPSC syllabus and equips candidates with the abilities and information necessary to pass the exam.

  • Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC)

Drishti IAS provides a specialized course for individuals getting ready for the BPSC exam, which is held to select candidates for various administrative positions in Bihar.

  • Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC)

The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) program is designed for candidates who desire to pass the state-level civil service examination administered by the UPPSC.

  • RAS/RTS (Rajasthan Administrative Service/Rajasthan Taxation Service)

Drishti IAS offers specialized RAS/RTS training for those looking to join the Rajasthan Administrative Service or Rajasthan Taxation Service.

  • Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC)

This course is designed to assist students in preparing for the MPPSC test, which chooses candidates for various administrative positions in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC)

Drishti IAS provides a course to meet the needs of applicants getting ready for the HPSC exam, which selects people for administrative positions in Haryana. The program is offered by the Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC).

Fee Structure

Course NameCost (tentative)
General Studies Foundation (P+M)₹ 150,000
CSAT₹ 25,000
History / Geography/PSIR/ Sociology (Optional)₹ 55,000
Essay₹ 22,000
GS (P+M) + CSAT₹ 1,75,000
GS (P+M) + CSAT + ESSAY₹ 1,97,000
GS (P+M) + CSAT + ESSAY + TS (Pre) + TS-GS (Mains)₹ 2,25,000
GS (P+M) + Hindi Literature (Optional) (Video Class)₹ 195,000
GS (P+M) + History / Geography/PSIR/ Sociology (Optional)₹ 205,000
GS (P+M) + Hindi Literature (Optional) (Video Class) + CSAT + Essay₹ 242,000
GS (P+M) + History / Geography/PSIR/Sociology (Optional) + CSAT + Essay₹ 252,000
GS (P+M) + Hindi Literature (Opt.) (Video Class) + CSAT + Essay + TS (Pre) + TS-GS (Mains)₹ 270,000
GS (P+M) + History / Geography/PSIR/Sociology (Optional) + CSAT + Essay + TS (Pre) + TS-GS (Mains)₹ 280,000
GS (P+M) + History / Geography (Optional) + CSAT + Essay₹ 252,000
Prelims Test series₹ 10,000
Main Test Series₹ 18,000

Success Rate

Student Reviews: Students give Drishti IAS a commendable 8.9 out of 10, indicating high satisfaction with the tutoring center.

Batch Strength: Drishti IAS’s batch strength is evaluated at 7.8, which denotes a balanced and appropriate class size for productive learning.

Previous Year IAS Results: Drishti IAS received a respectable grade of 7 for its previous year’s IAS results, indicating a reasonable history of successful candidates.

IAS Infrastructure Assessment: The infrastructure assessment gives the coaching center a score of 7.1, indicating a comfortable and well-equipped learning environment.

Fees of IAS Coaching Review: Drishti IAS receives a respectable rating of 7.5 for its course fees, indicating that students have a generally positive outlook.


The teachers of Drishti IAS are their greatest asset since they strive for perfection. They have kept the process for selecting teachers very strict on purpose to uphold this degree of excellence. Teachers are only hired after passing a rigorous selection process. Additionally, subject specialists are chosen for each General Studies component only when they have demonstrated a thorough comprehension and depth of competence in their respective fields. Before being chosen, subject matter specialists must also have excellent presentational abilities. Through a rigorous screening process, Drishti IAS guarantees that students receive the best possible instruction and support from highly skilled and qualified teachers.


Drishti IAS takes pride in providing comprehensive services and tools to help aspirants pass the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). These facilities guarantee that students receive the best support and instruction to achieve their objectives. Drishti IAS offers the following ten services:

  1. Comprehensive Study Material: The institute offers students well-selected study materials, such as textbooks, practice questions, and well-structured notes, to help them learn difficult concepts and build a solid conceptual foundation.
  2. Experienced faculty: Drishti IAS has a group of highly qualified and experienced teachers that bring their knowledge to the classroom and offer students insightful advice.
  3. Regular Classroom Sessions: To create a supportive environment for learning, Drishti IAS arranges frequent, interesting classroom sessions that methodically cover the whole UPSC syllabus.
  4. Online Learning: The institute provides online courses because it understands the value of accessibility. This enables students to acquire a top-notch education while remaining flexible with their study plans.
  5. Test Series and Mock Examinations: Drishti IAS provides several mock examinations and test series that closely resemble the real UPSC examination, providing essential preparation and performance analysis. These assessments are used to gauge students’ progress and boost their confidence.
  6. Current Affairs Updates: Drishti IAS provides regular updates on current affairs through daily news analysis, monthly magazines, and weekly capsules to keep students informed of the ever-changing world.
  7. Library: Access to a well-stocked library with a wide variety of books, resources, and reference materials is provided by Drishti IAS, enabling students to go further with their studies and broaden their knowledge.
  8. Customized help: Recognizing the individuality of each student’s learning requirements, the institute offers tailored help and doubt-solving sessions to ensure that specific questions are effectively addressed.
  9. Interview Guidance: To help candidates prepare for the important UPSC interview round, Drishti IAS offers specialized programs that include simulated interviews, personality development lessons, and insightful advice from knowledgeable mentors.
  10. Study Spaces & Facilities: Drishti IAS makes a great effort to offer students a relaxing environment for studying, with designated study spaces and cutting-edge amenities that promote focused learning and general well-being.


Drishti IAS operates in Prayagraj, Jaipur, and Delhi (Karol Bagh). The Mukherjee Nagar location in Delhi offers UPSC CSE preparation focused on results. At GopalPura Mode in Jaipur, knowledgeable lecturers give students individualized attention and tutoring. The Prayagraj Center in Uttar Pradesh offers UPSC aspirants comprehensive study materials and intense instruction. Drishti IAS promotes excellence and equips students to realize their aspirations for a civil service career across all its centers.

Contact Details 

Address 1st 641, opp. Signature View Apartment, Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110009
Phone Number(1800-121-6260)
Social MediaFacebook Instagram YouTube


There is very good coaching for preparation in Hindi medium in UPSC and UPPSC, study material is also very good, faculty is very good, Vikash Divyakirti sir has no answer. – Shyamji

Hello, friends. We know that education is important in our life to improve ourselves. Coaching plays a big role in moving our education from one path to another. We all know that drishti coaching is famous in Mukherjee Nagar and one of the best Hindi medium coaching in Mukherjee Nagar. It gives you the perfect environment for study. It’s especially for ias aspirants and students to profit more from this coaching and become true to their golden dream – Annu Singh.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Drishti IAS is an exceptional institution that has solidified its position as a top choice for UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) preparation. The institute’s dedication to excellence, seasoned faculty, and extensive facilities have a long history of supporting the success and accomplishments of its students. Each candidate receives the best direction and support to succeed in the fiercely competitive civil services examination thanks to individualized attention, intensive coaching, and a student-centric approach. Drishti IAS is still developing, adapting to the shifting dynamics of the UPSC CSE while being committed to motivating and forming the next generation of our country’s leaders. Drishti IAS has established a reputation for excellence in civil services coaching thanks to its outstanding track record and the confidence of its graduates.

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