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Students who are interested in pursuing civil and judicial professions and career sections can get specialised education and advice towards every judicial and legal exams by enrolling in the Courtroom by TLOI Academy, which is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. Sahaj Arora established Teaching Laws India in 2017, and the Courtroom is a new venture that serves as a venue for various forms of judicial and legal instruction for the purpose of illuminating new avenues of achievement for the students involved. 

The Courtroom by TLOI Academy also offers one of the greatest faculties in terms of assistance and resource materials for its students to utilise during their time at the academy. Students have access to private lectures and videos presented by some of the most renowned lecturers and teachers in India in the field of judicial education. 

Students who are enrolled in a variety of courses covering a wide range of topics are given equal consideration and the utmost care by the Courtroom by TLOI Academy. This is one of the most distinctive characteristics of this online learning platform offered by the TLOI Academy. Over the course of the past three years, the academy has worked with over 5,000 students and boasts a 75% graduation rate among its students. 

Starting year

Teaching Laws India was started by Sahaj Arora in 2017, and the Courtroom is a new initiative where all kinds of Judiciary and law coaching happens for students to show them a new light of success.

Courses and Fee Structure

Courtroom by TLOI Academy is well-known for offering a variety of classes and accommodating students’ schedules within the same class. The only purpose of the institute is to educate students to the best of their ability so that they can pass their examinations on their very first try. To that end, the institute offers a variety of foundation courses as well as other sorts of classes that students can choose from to meet their individual needs. 

CLATPG 2024 & LLM Online Coaching Program

This course encompasses 25 modules, each of which covers a different subject and has more than 250 live lectures. It consists of 12 question banks, 35 full-length simulated exams, 15 shorter mock exams, more than 300 judgement analyses, and 35 mini-mock exams. The prior year’s video courses and question papers will be accessible to the students around the clock. In addition, a live approach for preparation spans three to four months.

CUETPG LLB COQP11 2024 Online Coaching

The features of the course include 8 Study courses that cover all aspects of law, as well as 14 Question Banks that include 1000 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) each and cover every aspect of the subjects they cover. Also, mentors for clearing out any uncertainties, full-length sample tests for 50 questions, as well as short mock tests for 50 questions. In addition, students will be given a judgement analysis for each of the major judgments from 2018, broken down into three modules and including over one hundred model responses for the subjective and descriptive sections. In addition to that, it provides write-ups and worksheets on recent changes in legal law. Candidates for the CLAT will receive more than fifty worksheets to use for practising a variety of topic areas. 

NLSAT 2024, CUETPG LLB 2024 Online Batch

Students have a total of six options to pick from when it comes to classes. The course included more than 120 hours of recorded and live classes to assist students in their preparation for the NLSAT. It encompasses the entirety of the India NLSAT series, which consists of 30 mocks and 250 worksheets. In addition, there will be a total of 28 different courses for students to work through. After each and every class, the students receive worksheets, general knowledge sessions, one-on-one mentorship, and preparation for interviews, in addition to monthly magazines. Courtroom by TLOI Academy offers 500 sectional tests and sessions to clarify any questions or concerns. Students have the opportunity to practise and prepare for the writing portions (a and b) of the NLSAT.

NLSAT 2024 Online Coaching

There were 120 hours of instruction in the course to help students prepare for the NLSAT. All 30 Mock Part A and B tests and 250 practice questions from the whole India NLSAT series are included. The course’s 28 modules will cover a wide range of topics. After each class, students receive a magazine, GK sessions, individual coaching, interview practice, and worksheets. Courtroom by TLOI Academy has 500 practice examinations and question-and-answer sessions to help students learn the law. Students can study for and get experience with NLSAT Writing Sections a and b.

Delhi Judicial Services Online Coaching Program

Courtroom by TLOI Academy also offers a program called Delhi Judicial Services Online Coaching to students attempting to pass the Delhi Judicial Services examinations to enrol in judicial universities and study Civil Lines. The level of competitiveness among students in Delhi Judicial Services necessitates careful consideration and direction from the organisation. Courtroom by TLOI Academy offers the most carefully selected courses available to students, allowing them to achieve their goal of passing the examination on their very first try. 

Fee Structure 

Course Name Cost 
CLATPG 2024 & LLM Online Coaching ProgramRs. 29,999
CUETPG LLB COQP11 2024 Online CoachingRs. 44,999
NLSAT 2024, CUETPG LLB 2024 Online BatchRs. 54999
NLSAT 2024 Online CoachingRs. 44999
Delhi Judicial Services Online Coaching ProgramRs. 119000

Previous CLAT results and alumni 

Regarding students who have successfully cleared the examination and achieved the highest results on their first attempt, Courtroom by TLOI Academy is among the top scorers. In fact, he is one of the top scorers overall. The proud name bearer of top scorers is the Courtroom TLOI Academy. 

  • Aayushi Gupta, Rank: 204
  • Deepanshu Yadav, Rank: 200
  • Satvil, Rank: 198
  • Sonia Mondal, Rank: 197
  • Deepali Pandey, Rank: 197
  • Tanooja, Rank: 196
  • Vanshika, Rank: 194
  • Muskan, Rank: 190
  • Sachin Bhimani, Rank: 178
  • Pallavi Parida, Rank: 219
  • Shiv Vaibhav, Rank: 219
  • Taniya Islam, Rank: 217
  • Priya, Rank: 217
  • Garvit, Rank: 216
  • Aditya Sehrawat, Rank: 214
  • Vedia Lohia, Ran, Rank: 214
  • Amit Rohila, Rank: 212

Teachers and their qualifications

Courtroom by TLOI Academy provides its students with access to a large number of highly qualified instructors and professors that have extensive experience in the field. After having personally achieved the goal of passing the test, these teachers now devote their attention to passing on their specialised knowledge to others. 

Name of owners/directors

Sahaj Arora established Teaching Laws India in 2017, and the Courtroom is a new venture that serves as a venue for various forms of judicial and legal instruction for the purpose of illuminating new avenues of achievement for the students involved. Additionally serving in this capacity is Sahaj Arora, who directs the institute.

Batch size- 40

Study material

The educational institution makes a wide variety of scholastic materials and resources, both online and offline, available to the students at all times and in any location they choose.

Hostel/mess facility – No

No. of classrooms: 2

Mode of coaching – Online/Offline/Both 


Hours of operation

Monday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Tuesday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Wednesday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Thursday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Friday             10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Saturday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Sunday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm


Not just the best location to prepare for admission to law school, but also the best place to learn valuable things about life! I took the online version of the DULLB in 2022 and scored 334 out of a possible 400 points, so I am now in the CLC. I could never have imagined that I would get such a high score even in my wildest dreams. All of our gratitude goes to you, Mr. Sahaj! His method of instruction is flawless, and the things he forces you to learn will remain in your memory for the rest of your life.

The notes I had prepared for the entrance exam assisted me during the first semester, and I have no doubt that they will continue to do so over the subsequent semesters as well. It was a wonderful opportunity for me to speak with you in person, Sir. It is truly astonishing and motivational to see how he has led TLOI to flourish throughout the years. Purchasing the Courtroom by TLOI was an excellent investment on your part. Everyone who is interested in receiving quality legal instruction ought to sign up without giving it a second consideration. – Harshpreet Singh – Harshpreet Singh

I have nothing but praise for Saha Sir as a legal educator! Their knowledge of the topic is of the highest calibre, and they have the ability to simplify difficult ideas in a manner that is accessible to the average person. In addition to this, case studies and examples taken from real life are provided so that students may get the most out of the information. In addition, they use an approach to teaching that is both interesting and interactive, which results in a learning experience that is fun.

In general, Sahaj sir is an outstanding educator who genuinely cares about the accomplishments of their students. They have my unqualified recommendation and receive five stars from me! The in-lecture life lessons provided by Sahaj sir are another highlight of this educational institution. – Roshan Gupta

When acting in the roles of mentor, teacher, and guide, Sahaj Sir always gives his absolute best effort. He will educate you and assist you in adjusting to the ever-shifting competitive environment. I began studying for the boring exam in November of 2022; however, the curriculum was updated in the middle of my studies because llb was incorporated into cuet pg. He was of great assistance to us in adjusting to the shifting paper patterns. The results are looking good. However, the point to note is that he never abandoned us when we were going through this difficult time. He was there for us whenever we needed him, and he assisted and inspired us to tackle this test with the same enthusiasm. No matter what the outcome is, I will have gained a significant amount of knowledge regarding legal study methods and the law itself. As a fellow educator, I hold a tremendous amount of respect and esteem for you, sir. You did not spare any effort in coming up with solutions to our problems. – Divya Sharma

Contact details 

Address 29, 2, Nangia Park Chowk, Block 28, Shakti Nagar, Delhi, 110052
Phone Number 093546 79966
Official website
Google business profile

Social media handles 


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