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Coaching institutes are critically important when it comes to competitive exams or entrance exam preparation. CLATAPULT was started by Tanuj Kalia, Anzar Abbas, and Aagni a few years ago to provide quality education. The founders established a coaching institute to provide quality and easy-to-understand concepts for law students. 

The coaching institute teaches all the CLAT subjects and syllabus in addition to some other things. They focus on providing two important things which include job shadowing externships which means students can experience how real courtrooms work. Students preparing for CLAT exams need to know what they are entering into and what their after-exam life will look like. Secondly, movies and documentaries, unlike other institutes, have this session where they opt for documentaries on lawyers, cases, or courtrooms. 

This unique feature makes CLATAPULT one of the top institutes for preparation for the CLAT exam. In addition, CLATAPULT offers many other facilities to students for preparation for exams. The coaching institute provides different facilities at their centers which include quality material, infrastructure, and more. So, let’s check out: 

Starting year 

CLATAPULT was started in 2012 as a small coaching which became a big name in the law industry. 

Courses and Fee Structure 

The coaching institute provides top facilities for the preparation of CLAT through a range of courses. To cater to the different requirements of students and their preparation journey, there are different courses provided. Students can opt for different courses as follows depending on their requirements: 

1-Year Course, Class-Action

The trademark one-year course is offered by the coaching institute. It includes different features such as 500+ sectional tests, revisional tests, and subject-focused tests for practice. In this course, students get 400 hours of coaching for CLAT subjects along with 1-on-1 mentoring sessions and doubt classes. The course is provided in centers where 10-hour-long classes are taken by faculty. The course includes 60 mock tests and students receive worksheets after every class for practice. Special classes on speed reading and time management for students. 

2-year Course, Counsel

Another one of the popular courses which build a strong foundation for students to help them prepare for CLAT in 2 years from scratch. Students in class 11 can start this to prepare for CLAT. The course includes 750+ hours of coaching for all subjects including one on one mentoring and doubt clearing sessions. Students can attend 5 classes in Kolkata centers with 10 hours duration. The course has 26 modules and 300+ video lectures for a complete syllabus covering all subjects. Students are provided with worksheets after every class to practice each subject. Also, courses include current affairs, 120 mock tests, discussion forums, books, and study material. In addition, 1000+ sectional tests, subject-focused tests, revisional tests, and special classes. 

Writing NLSAT 2022

The course provided 120 hours of recorded and live classes to prepare for NLSAT. It includes all India NLSAT series- 30 mocks of Part A and Part B, and 250 worksheets. The course will also include 28 modules covering all subjects. Students are provided with monthly magazines, GK sessions, one on one mentoring, Interview preparation, and worksheets after every class. CLATAPULT provides 500 sectional tests and doubt-clearing sessions. Students can prepare for and practice writing parts a and b of NLSAT.

Marathon for CLAT LLM/PG

The marathon course covers 16 modules with every subject with 250+ live lectures. It includes 35 full-length mock tests, 15 mini mocks, 300+ judgment analyses, and 12 question banks. Students will provide 24-hour access to video lessons, and previous year’s question papers. In addition, a 3 to 4-month preparation strategy live 

CLATapult’s Relay Program (LL.M) 

The Relay Program offered is a short program that covers 16 study modules. These study modules include subjects or disciplines of law from the LLM entrance exam. Moreover, the course will include 30 full-length mock tests and 100 + model answers in 3 modules. Students will receive judgment in analysis which includes all major judgments from 2018. The course will also provide a write-up as well as worksheets for legal development that happened recently. 

CLATapult’s Marathon Program (LL.M)

Courses developed to provide updated material with active guidance to students. It will cover 16 modules including all the subjects of the law exam. Students will be provided with 14 question banks including 1000 MCQs in each question bank which covers different aspects of exam subjects. Additionally, students will get full-length 50 mock tests, 15 Mini mock tests, and 50 + practice sheets. The course will also include judgment analysis of all major judgments from 2018 and write-ups on legal developments that happened recently. Also, 100+ model answers for descriptive sections. 

CLATapult Bluebook Plus (2 Years) – For Class XIth Students

The courses are specifically designed for 11th-class students to ensure the practice and preparation for the law entrance exam completely. Bluebook plus course highlights include 26 modules that cover all five subjects from CLAT, 120 mock tests, 1000 worksheets, online support, and sectional tests. The database in the book includes previous year’s question papers, speed reading materials, write-ups by faculty for each subject worksheet, topic wise tests. Also,  an online interaction forum for discussion. 

CLATapult Bluebook (Correspondence Course/Distance Learning)

As stated it is a correspondence or distance learning course in the form of a book that students will receive. Students will receive a database consisting of a worksheet, current affairs, previous year’s question papers, and speed reading materials. The course will include 26 modules that will cover all five subjects for the CLAT exam. In addition, it includes 50 mock tests with answers, explanations, 500 worksheets, sectional tests, and topic-wise analysis. Apart from that will be provided with access to Telegram and Facebook groups where 24-hour online without sessions are provided. Faculty will share toppers worksheets, books, previous year papers, and answers on the forum. 

CLATapult Probe (Test Series)

Institute provides test series to help students prepare and practice in the final stage. The test series will include 60 mock tests based on 57 CLAT patterns, on the NLUD pattern, and 1 on symbiosis. Moreover, it will include answers as well as detailed analyses and explanations of each mock test to ensure students receive a detailed understanding and can pinpoint their mistakes. 


The course highlights include 16 Study Modules covering all law subjects, and 14 Question Banks including 1000 MCQs in each Bank which cover every dimension of the subjects. Also, mentors for doubt-clearing, full-length 50 mock tests, and mini 50 mock tests. Students will also be provided with judgment analysis for all major judgments from 2018, 3 Modules including 100+ model answers for the subjective/descriptive section. It also offers write-ups and worksheets on legal developments recently. Candidates will get 50+ worksheets for practicing different subjects in the CLAT exam. 

Postal/Correspondence Course

Students who want to practice and prepare for a CLAT exam on their own page and with self-preparation can opt for a postal or correspondence course. The correspondence course includes 21 modules or study materials which are prepared after intensive research. The coaching provides a supplementary current affair module; these 21 modules will cover legal reasoning, legal GK, logical reasoning, English, math, and general knowledge. Additionally, the course will include 500 worksheets, sectional tests, 30 mock tests, and 60 mock tests with the plus course. Students are provided with these tests through Google groups and interaction forums created for students and faculty to interact. 

CLAT Online Classes

The coaching institute also provides online classes for all CLAT syllabus and subjects to ensure students are provided with complete preparation. Students who want to opt for preparation with CLATAPULT, cannot travel to different branches. The coaching classes online will be provided live where faculty will teach different subjects, and take doubt-clearing sessions. Students are provided with study material as well as test series for practice and preparation throughout the online courses. So, students can opt for online classes depending on their requirements. Students will receive study material and other features via mail. 

Fee Structure 

Course Name Cost 
1-Year Course, Class ActionRs 24,999
2-year Course, Counsel Rs 69,500
Writing NLSAT 2022Rs 31,999
CLATapult’s Dynamo Program (LL.M)Rs 19,999
CLATapult’s Relay Program (LL.M)Rs 7, 200
CLATapult’s Marathon Program (LL.M)Rs 9,999
CLATapult Bluebook Plus (2 Years) – For Class XIth StudentsRs 18,500
CLATapult Bluebook (Correspondence Course/Distance Learning)Rs 13,400
CLATapult Probe (Test Series)Rs 4,999
CLATapult Postal/Correspondence CourseRs. 8400 to Rs 9800
CLAT Online Coaching Classes Rs 17,500 to Rs 59,500

Previous CLAT results and alumni 

CLATAPULT has received successful results over the years in the CLAT exam. Students have attained many high ranks over the years, here are previous CLAT results and alumni: 

  • Sreeja Pal – AIR 9 & West Bengal Rank 1, CLAT 
  • Anindya Kanan, AIR 15, NLSIU
  • Bhargav Chakraborty – AIR 24, CLAT 
  • Aditya Bhattacharya – AIR 25, CLAT
  • Jyotsna Vilva, AIR 15, CLAT 
  • Siddharth Dey, AIR 7 (AILET) and AIR 124 (CLAT)
  • Anirudh Goyal, AIR 39 (CLAT)
  • Shreya Mishra, AIR 175 (CLAT)
  • Aindrani Sarker, Symbiosis, Pune
  • Tasneem Zakir, NUJS
  • Vaivaswatha Yagani , NUJS
  • Diyasha Basak, NUJS 
  • Shubham Barua (2nd Year, NUJS)
  • Agniva Chakrabarti (AIR 159)

Teachers and their qualifications

The coaching institute has qualified and experienced faculty specialized in different subjects. Different teachers are assigned to different subjects to ensure students get specialized coaching. Here is the list of faculty and their specializations: 

  • Shrijaya-NUJS (English) 
  • Medha Biswas – critical and Logical Reasoning 
  • Suvaroop- Current affairs 
  • Istela Jameel- NUJS (Legal Reasoning) 
  • Ashika- NUJS (logical reasoning) 
  • Aanchal- Legal Reasoning
  • Akshay Luhadia- General Knowledge 
  • Shravya- Law school activities 
  • Swagata- Mathematics 

Name of owners/directors

CLATAPULT was started by three founders, currently, it has two directors as follows: 

  • Tanuj Kalia
  • Anzar Abbas

Batch size- 20-30 per batch 

Study material

Students offered worksheets, books, regular notes, and more in every course offered by coaching. 

Hostel/mess facility – Yes/No 


No. of classrooms 5-6

Mode of coaching – Online/Offline/Both 


Hours of operation

Monday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Tuesday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Wednesday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Thursday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Friday             10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Saturday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm

Sunday 10:45 am – 8:30 pm


Very helpful. What I appreciate most is that during this pandemic the online classes are too good. Very elaborate discussions are held on each and every question. I am very satisfied so far. – Agampreet Singh

Great experience and very amazing service. Here you will be able to learn from law students, students who have successfully cleared CLAT themselves and are studying at a top-tier law school. It’s a really good service and I recommend it to everyone. – Jaila Singh

This is the No. 1 Clat coaching in Kolkata. Very supportive, Confident and friendly faculties. Students are free to clear their doubts without any hesitation. – Suman Chandra

The environment here is super friendly and the teachers are always there to help one out. Every teacher explains every topic very patiently. For CLAT aspirants CLATapult is the perfect coaching center. – Manoj Mishra

Contact details 

Address Bhubaneswar Center- Plot number A, 64, Saheed Nagar Rd, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751007
North Kolkata Centers- BD 30, first floor, near Tank no 4, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064
South Kolkata Centers- 161/7 C, Rash Behari Avenue Kolkata – 700019 Landmark: Gariahat Crossing – Beside Khadim’s and Bank of India
Phone Number Bhubaneswar Center- 0674 2551959 / 91 990363 55 33
North Kolkata Center- 990 363 55 33
South Kolkata Center- 990 363 55 33
Official website 
Google business profile 

Social media handles 


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