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The entrance exam is the primary stage in the life of Every student, and lakhs of students are preparing hard to crack the examination to get admission into their dream college. Entrance is the core for students at a stage in life, whether you have begun your journey after school or you are seeking entrance preparation coaching after college in MBA, UPSC, SSC, GATE, Banking, RBI, or you want to study abroad for preparation of the GMAT. GRE, SAT, IELET, ICCSE, and IB Career Launcher are available for you.

WE  provides you with the essential guide to crack the examination with the right strategy. Just preparing for the entrance exam is not enough; you must have some right guidance so that you can crack the examination at the very first attempt. At present, we can see that students are highly engaged in the entrance, and with the help of the Academy, you can make your hard work successful by cracking the examination. Career Launcher is your trusted test preparation partner who has more than 27 years of experience in making career dreams come true for office students. We prepare the students for a wide range of courses so that they can have better insights into their careers.

What to do next? Do I crack the examination? What if I haven’t? These questions are common in the student stage, and these are crucial questions as well. To upgrade you from these thoughts, Carrer Launcher ensures various  Career Launchersessions for you. We guided you through various recommended books and conducted various sessions regarding your entrance preparation. We believe in the hard work of our parents, and with our experience, your hard work will work out when you have highly specialized faculty who are always here to teach you the right direction.


Career Launcher is part of CL Educate Ltd. We are highly focused on diverse segments of learners across multiple age groups. We are led by highly qualified professionals, including IIT and IIM alumni, who have a passion for excellence in education. We have been in existence for more than 25 years and have been focused on shaping the lives and careers of students. We are having a farsighted ideology to make every possible attempt to make our Aspirant’s career dreams a reality. We had more than 250 test preps across 115 cities in India. We have expanded globally, and  We are highly recognized in overseas countries like Dubai and Oman. Career Launcher was incorporated into the company in 1996, and after this, we have maintained our significant presence in this entry field.

Course offered 

We are a perfect place where you can shape into proficient aspirants, and at our place, you will find an umbrella of courses. Whether it is after 12th grade, graduation, or after graduation, we are here to prepare you for multiple domains with highly skilled faculty.

Online coaching 2024

  • LST Bullet Premium Online

Live expert-led sessions cover the perspective of How to study by providing you with a 120-minute session and by giving you access to Manthan. LST Bullet Online and CLAT Bullet Premium Online are also offered as core courses under online coaching. This course will help you to have proper understanding of the syllabus and our faculty help you through their guidance and by checking your performance through the test series. 

Coaching for 2025

  • LST span premium online

There are various benefits included in this course. You will be provided with more than 7000 practice questions in an all-India mock test based on the actual exam pattern, comprehensive study material, and access to Manthan’s current affairs by having a session of 120 minutes for an affordable amount of ₹ 95000.

CLAT bullet premium online

This course will be covered under ₹60000 by providing you with 120 minutes per class session. This course prepares you with a test series and also guides covering current affairs. Career Launcher ensures you comprehensive study material and telegram-based doubt-solving.

LST plus premium online

This is a life expert session that focused on the way to study for the entrance examination. Under this course, you will be provided with access to more than 7000 practice questions based on the actual exam pattern, telegram-based outlining, and comprehensive study material for a table price of ₹ 55,000.

Classroom coaching

Classroom coaching has a different overview; under this coaching, you will be provided with the best classroom and practical experience. Through the career-launching centre, you can gain access to classroom coaching. Under this coaching, we provide you with various interactive sessions with study material. Course fees vary as per the city and centre you opt for. We have branches All over India and across the country, so you can easily choose your nearby locations as per your preferences.


Under this course, we prepare the student for the interview by developing communication skills among them. We conduct one personal interview at an affordable price of ₹499 so that the student can overcome their fear of the interview and have a better understanding of the interview methodology. Interviews are conducted by highly specialised faculty who provide you with an improvement report and feedback about the interview, which help you to clear your actual personal interview.

self-paced course

Cr nugget gold by including more than 50 recorded sessions, more than 30 pre- and post-sessions, and various sectional tests to improve your performance for the entrance examination under INR 2,999.

CR nuggets platinum

This covered more than 50 recorded sessions, more than 10 live sessions, various test series, and a daily dose of passages that improve your comprehension skills and make you perfect at commanding English from an entrancing perspective under ₹5,999.

LST GK capsule

This course includes a grasp of current affairs, daily news updates, monthly event analysis, and so on, at an affordable price of ₹1,498.


We are located in various s states in India, and our presence is remarkable in Assam, Bihar Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat Haryana, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamilnadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand and  West Bengal. You can find our presence in these states in your nearby cities, so you are not required to worry about shifting to our coaching centre to take classes from our institution.

Facilities offered

Command on English

Career Launcher provides you with various courses at reasonable prices that assure your better command of English from an entrance perspective. We provide a wide range of courses, and to prepare for SSC, what is mostly required is hard work and strong command of English, which you can get from here at Career Launcher.

  • Current affairs

 We covers a wide range of current affairs; we cover special current affairs, daily magazines, and ongoing situations. We believe that current affairs are core to clearing any examination, and without preparing for current affairs, you cannot crack the examination.

  • Classroom

 We are available in various states across the country, and we assure you of the best classroom facilities, well-equipped with new teaching techniques and technology.

  • Online facility

If you are looking for online coaching facilities for preparing for entrance examinations, now you are not required to search more; Career Launcher provides you with online coaching facilities so that you can take our coaching from anywhere at any time at an affordable price.

  • Free session

We conduct various free sessions, like trial classes, and we assure you of various guidance for clearing the GMAT quant. Our free sessions can give you a better overview of our classes, and we assure you of the guru gyan through our interactive sessions.

  • Books 

We provide various essential books for your entrance preparation so that you are no longer required to waste your time searching for the relevant book for a particular entrance exam.

  • Study material

Study material plays a key role in cracking the examination, and we always believe that you should have limited and reliable study material for preparing for any entrance exam. Limited study material can give you a better overview, and multiple revisions of study material give positive outcomes. We assure you of well-researched study material that is different from other institutions and covers the entire syllabus for any particular entrance test.

  • Expert faculty

We have a well-qualified and expert faculty; our faculty guide you at a crucial stage of time, and our faculty make sure to provide you with assistance for the right strategy.

  • Coverage of courses

We cover a wide range of courses, whether you are preparing for an exam after 12th grade like CLAT, CUET, or Sonon, or you are preparing for another competitive exam after graduation like UPSC, SSC, SAT, and so on. Carrere Launchers is here to give you the perfect shape and help you crack the examination through our unique teaching style. We have a high success rate with more than 25 years of experience; this is what makes us relevant in this competitive teaching field.

  • Scholarship 

Career Launcher will also provide you with a scholarship if you have the talent to crack an examination but are not financially stable. No need to worry, we will ensure you pass our scholarship test to provide you with a 100% scholarship with free counseling and registration.


  • “I was enrolled in the CL classroom programme, the Aspiration. The AI web page helped as I was able to analyze my mock and compare my performance with other Aspirants. For all future aspirants, I would say that CL will help you achieve your dream” – Sanjay khan
  • “I had taken my online classroom coaching from Career Launcher along with PDP personalized thanks to Abhishek Sir, my mentor, as he has helped me through all the interviews. I was able to convert all the calls in the first list itself. I would like to thank everyone for helping me get this far” – Radhika Gupta
  • “Being restricted to working from home during coverage, you really need someone to guide you for CAT preparation. I would like to give a shoutout to all my mentors at CL, as they helped me and I didn’t feel the absence of an in-person faculty” – Abhinav Jha.
  • “I was in the army, but due to injury I had to retire. I had to find a new career and a new goal for my life, and this is where I got a tractor to MBA. Yet for the past 4 years I was not in touch with my study, so I needed personal guidance and help. I chose Career Launcher, and all my mental health helped me learn the subject in detail. They taught me about the smart approach to exam strategies in my interview. They mentored me and motivated me, due to which I was able to convert to many institutes” – Suraj Prakash Gupta
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 Career Launcher provides an umbrella of courses that include your preparation for any entrance exam. We give priority to students, and we have more than 25 years of experience. Our teaching faculty and their teaching methodology make our presence remarkable in the coaching institution field. We are student-oriented,  and we are located near your state. We provide scholarships for the students so that they can have access to the entrance class preparation, we conduct a test regarding the same and on this behalf, you can avail of our 100% scholarship. We have various centers. We make sure that students won’t face any issues getting our course facilities. Career Launch assures you of well-researched study material and an engaging classroom, and by keeping students in mind, we provide online classes as well, as per the requirements of our students. We have a high success rate; our students crack the CLAT, CUET, and various other entrance exams, and their passing result is our achievement.

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