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The acclaimed Ambition Law Institute is committed to advancing legal knowledge and developing legal professions. They have established themselves in a prominent position in India’s legal community thanks to their unwavering dedication to quality, unmatched integrity, and a high degree of intelligence. The institute has built successful partnerships With several organisations, including bar associations, law schools, court establishments, and academies for civil service training. Due to these links, they have been able to create exam preparation plans that are dynamic and evolutionary, ensuring achievement in the problematic entrance examination procedure.

Every student is treated as having enormous potential at Ambition Law Institute, and the only goal is to give them exceptional educational opportunities. The institute emphasises the value of strategy and approaches over merely putting in study hours since it understands the necessity of hard work and intelligent work. Ambition Law Institute provides coaching in legal subjects, English proficiency, depth of General Knowledge, essay writing abilities, and translation expertise to fully prepare students. Their lecture design reflects their awareness that success in today’s world necessitates expertise in several areas by giving each part of preparation the weight it deserves.

Ambition Law Institute, a reputable institution, gladly anticipates receiving prospective students and wishes them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

Starting year 

A subsidiary of AEPL, Ambition Law Institute has a reputable 22-year track record of offering practical advice for the Judicial Services Examination, Civil Services Examination, and CLAT. They take great pleasure in their distinctive teaching approach, which was painstakingly developed by a highly qualified and committed group of professionals. 


  • Judicial Services (in both English and Hindi):

For aspirational students interested in a distinguished career as district magistrates, district court judges, or additional district magistrates, the Indian Judicial Service Examination offers a promising path. This prestigious exam has two entry points, letting students pick the one that works best for them. The first entry option is for recent college graduates who have passed an entrance exam administered by the High Court or a state public service commission. On the other hand, the Higher Judicial Service (HJS) offers an alternate path intended for seasoned lawyers with a minimum of seven years of experience in civil litigation.

The extensive examination curriculum includes various topics, from general knowledge and English language skills to law-related courses. The renowned coaching services provided by Ambition Law Academy may undoubtedly help those who want to succeed in this challenging exam. Ambition Law Academy, known for its quality, offers thorough and precisely created courses for the Indian Judicial Service Examination. Surprisingly, these preparatory classes are provided in both Hindi and English, allowing for a wide range of needs and interests among prospective applicants.

  • LL.B. Entrance Exam and CLAT:

The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a yearly, mandatory exam that students must pass to enrol in one of India’s elite 26 National Law Universities (NLUs). Aspirant law students must pass the CLAT exam to get accepted into one of these prestigious institutions. The exam is divided into five main areas: English, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge and Current Affairs, Elementary Maths, and Legal Aptitude. These five portions together provide a complete evaluation of the candidates’ cognitive skills and propensity for the legal profession.

The CLAT, always scheduled for the second Sunday in May, is a highly anticipated occasion for those aspiring to law practice. A trustworthy coaching institute’s consistent assistance and direction might mean the world in this endeavour. Numerous students preparing for the CLAT entrance exam have found Ambition Law Academy to be a priceless resource time and time again. Ambition Law Academy has successfully aided many candidates in passing this very competitive exam because of its fantastic team of faculty members, who each possess unmatched experience.

  • Civil Services:

One of the country’s most challenging and prestigious exams is the Civil Services Exam (CSE) in India. The Indian Administrative Service (IAS) continues to be the most sought-after and prized of the numerous elite civil service positions offered to applicants through the CSE, administered by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). Candidates who successfully pass the challenging CSE exam set out to assume crucial posts within the Indian administrative system and exert substantial influence over the political system.

Recognising the importance of this test and the hopes it inspires in aspirants, Ambition Law Institute offers students aiming to pass the Civil Services Exam a supportive and enjoyable study environment. Their dedication to the success of their students is demonstrated by their regular doubt-clearing sessions, thorough mock exams, and a variety of other resources that are all intended to empower and prepare students for success in this demanding exam.

Fee Structure 

Course Name Cost (tentative)
Judicial Services (English)Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,05,000
Judicial Services (Hindi)Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,05,000
CLAT / LL.B. Entrance ExamRs 25,000 to Rs 1,05,000
Civil Services (Law Optional)Rs 25,000 to Rs 1,05,000

Teachers and their qualifications

Ambition Law Academy’s faculty is the organisation’s centre, and their knowledge and commitment are crucial in determining the course of future legal professionals. The faculty members, a group of highly successful people, are picked for their outstanding academic backgrounds, real-world expertise, and enthusiasm for teaching. The teachers at Ambition Law Academy are all experts in their fields, ensuring that students receive the best possible instruction and preparation.

The faculty includes practising attorneys, renowned professors, and seasoned judiciary members, all of whom provide a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in the legal field. Their various experiences and knowledge help to create a thorough learning environment that connects abstract ideas to practical applications.

The faculty at Ambition Law Academy is renowned for their student-centred approach, in addition to their remarkable credentials. They give each student customised attention and support as they show a strong interest in their development. The professors actively interact with the students, promoting open dialogue and a collaborative learning atmosphere.

Their teaching strategies are created to accommodate different learning preferences, guaranteeing that pupils easily understand challenging legal ideas. The faculty uses cutting-edge teaching strategies, including interactive sessions, case studies, mock trials, and real-world simulations, to improve students’ communication, analytical, and problem-solving abilities.

Additionally, the faculty holds frequent doubt-clearing sessions, giving students a forum to ask questions and receive direction on complex subjects. Students can approach them for academic support and mentoring because they are accessible outside of regularly scheduled class times.

The faculty’s dedication goes beyond merely providing teaching in the classroom. They are crucial in helping students prepare for exams by providing insightful advice, test-taking tips, and helpful criticism regarding how well they performed on practice exams and other assessments.

Name of owners/directors

The renowned Director of Ambition Law Academy is Mr Alok Kumar Ranjan. Mr Ranjan, who has had a long career in law, adds a lot of knowledge and experience to the organisation. As a visionary leader, he gives prospective lawyers the best training and direction. Ambition Law Academy has grown into a top-tier law coaching facility under his capable leadership and has earned a reputation for excellence, dedication, and a student-centric philosophy. 


The Ambition Law Academy is a top-tier law coaching facility in the city, known for its superiority, reliability, and steadfast commitment to its pupils. The academy’s success may be ascribed to its variety of resources and facilities, ensuring a thorough and efficient learning environment for future legal professionals. The following are some of the main characteristics that make it unique:

1. Practise Modules: The Ambition Law Institute offers students a wide range of practice modules since it understands how important practice is to succeed in the legal industry. These modules have been carefully created to help students gain the knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in the legal field. Students who participate in these practice modules get a well-rounded education covering the subjects covered in the entrance exam.

2. Regular Performance Tests: The institute regularly administers performance tests to students to assess their development and readiness for the entrance exam. These assessments provide insightful information about a person’s strengths and limitations. After each test, knowledgeable professors offer students helpful feedback, allowing them to improve their preparation and approach problems confidently.

3. Question Banks: As a helpful tool for students, Ambition Law Institute provides a thorough question bank. Students can examine their grasp of the material and their understanding using this question database. The question bank is consistently updated with new and pertinent questions, ensuring ongoing practice and knowledge reinforcement.

4. Devoted Faculty: The academy has a group of highly trained and driven faculty members, each specialist in their speciality. These professors place a high value on their students’ preparation to become attorneys and use effective teaching strategies to make it simple for students to understand complex legal ideas.

5. Cutting-edge classrooms: Ambition Law Institute students can access more than five cutting-edge classrooms. These contemporary learning environments provide the highest student engagement and information retention levels. The setting promotes a positive learning atmosphere that enables pupils to develop as learners and perform to their highest potential in the entrance tests.

6. Online Lectures: Ambition Law Academy provides online lectures to students looking for flexible educational options in recognition of the various learning demands. These lectures cover multiple topics and are delivered by qualified legal academics and practitioners. Because online courses are available, students can learn about the law conveniently while gaining a sound foundation.

7. Doubt meetings: The academy holds doubt-clearing meetings to resolve any questions or misunderstandings that students may have while studying. These classes are instructed by licenced solicitors or knowledgeable faculty members, ensuring that students obtain knowledgeable advice and clarification from seasoned experts.

Ambition Law Academy offers an exceptional platform for ambitious legal professionals to realise their goals and succeed in their careers with such extensive facilities and committed support.


The mock tests of the coaching academy would help you a lot inside this coaching for the exams of this category. – Deepak

The foundation is great and framework is additionally pleasant in Ambition Law Institute feels good to study here. The homerooms are very much outfitted. The staff in the establishment is very experienced. The students are additionally agreeable. – MEGHRAJSINH

The institute fulfils the dream of many students by giving proper knowledge and education to them they are way more brilliant than others.- Priya

Great framework and the best of the personnel for the examinations right here now. Complete bundle for your exam yearnings. – Kanika Gaur

Contact details 

Address B-10, 1st Floor, opposite Meerut Sweets, Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110009
Phone Number +91-8800660301; 8800660380; 8800662140
Official website 
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Rating out of 5 

A 4.3 out of 5 score indicates the academy’s commitment to providing its pupils with high-quality instruction and support. It shows that most students and other participants have had favourable experiences with the academy and value its resources, staff, and general learning environment. Due to its dedication to quality and ongoing development, Ambition Law Academy has developed a solid name in the legal coaching industry.

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