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Abhyaas Edu Corp

If you are considering enrolling in a course or test series at Abhyaas Edu Corp, Hyderabad, Kukatpally, then it is wise to read up on the centre reviews first. The institute excels in CAT Coaching and currently ranks at #11 among similar institutes in Hyderabad. It provides IELTS, GRE and CAT Coaching not only in its own vicinity but also across two other centres in India. To learn more about Abhyaas Edu Corp’s infrastructure, fees and faculty, read further below.

In order to make coaching accessible to students across the country, Abhyaas Edu Corp was established by NIT and IIM alumni. Aside from preparation courses for management entrance exams, they offer study abroad and immigration advice to students. They train 5000 students every year at their institute and online.

In addition to its test prep, iconnex, and Gyanville Academy initiatives, Abhyaas Edu Corp has a few other initiatives that help students. Powered by Abhyaas edu technologies pvt ltd, Abhyaas edu corp provides coaching to one lakh students and aims to make an impact on the industry. These initiatives help students gain skills, build careers, and prepare for entrance exams. So, let’s read on to find out more about the facilities and courses offered by Abhyaas Edu Corp.

Abhyaas Edu Corp. Courses

Abhyaas Edu Corp offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for students to prepare for entrance exams. Abhyaas Edu Corp offers a number of management courses available for admission in India, as well as some abroad. A coaching institute offers students both online and offline courses. In addition to classroom courses where students can study and learn with the faculty, students can also attend doubt clearance sessions and solve their problems at any time. As per their preferences, students can choose between online and offline courses, which include recorded lectures, online study materials, and books.

Abhyaas Ed Corp has a student portal where students can log in and get access to online study material, courses, and other details. The student portal on their official website keeps their students updated with details. The student portal is helpful for students, whether it is for exam updates or coaching-related updates.

Here are the courses available:

GRE Exam Course

Abhyaas edu Corp offers comprehensive GRE courses that cover all the stages/sections of the GRE. Here is the list of courses offered in the GRE:

  • Online GRE
  • Classroom for the GRE
  • Series of GRE tests
  • Study materials for the GRE


We offer IELTS coaching to help students score higher. The coaching includes study materials, mock tests, and other facilities to prepare students for IELTS. Here is the list of IELTS coaching courses:

  • A regular batch of training lasts for four weeks
  • 2 weeks of training for the express batch
  • Course for self-learning

CAT Courses

You can apply for MBA programs in top universities and colleges abroad with CAT. The coaching institute provides complete CAT coaching with interview preparation. CAT preparation courses at Abhyaas edu corp cover each section in detail. Students receive study material, test series, and more. Below is a list of the courses offered by Abhyaas edu corp:

  • Online CAT
  • CAT Classroom
  • Series of CAT tests
  • Study materials for the CAT


You can take IPMAT coaching from Abhyaas edu corp to prepare for BBA courses to gain admission to top colleges. Here are their courses:

  • Online IPMAT
  • Classroom for IPMAT
  • Series of IPMAT tests
  • Study materials for the IPMAT


Graduate and postgraduate law entrance exams are called CLAT. The institute offers coaching to prepare students for CLAT. Their courses cover all subjects and sections of the exam. Students get study material, test series, and more. Here is a list of CLAT courses you can take:

  • Online CLAT
  • Classroom for CLAT
  • Series of CLAT tests
  • Study materials for CLAT

Fee structure

Course NameCost
CAT CoursesRs 15,000 to Rs 80,000
IELTSRs 5,000 to Rs 18,000
CLATRs 15,000 to Rs 80,000
GRERs 15,000 to Rs 80,000
IPMATRs 15,000 to Rs 80,000

Previous year results

The previous year’s results achieved by Abhyaas Edu Corp law academy were exemplary, with a remarkable success rate of 80%. These outstanding outcomes reflect the dedication and hard work put in by both the students and the faculty and highlight the effectiveness of the academy’s teaching methodologies and comprehensive curriculum. The diligence exhibited by each student, combined with personalized guidance provided by experienced mentors, has undoubtedly contributed to this commendable achievement. Moreover, it is evident that Abhyaas Edu Corp law academy prioritizes academic excellence, resulting in an impressive track record that attests to their commitment to nurturing bright legal minds. Through rigorous training programs, extensive practice sessions, and regular assessments, this institution has consistently striven for brilliance while ensuring holistic development within its student body. As a result, these exceptional previous year results serve as an inspiration for future cohorts aspiring to excel academically in the field of law under Abhyaas Edu Corp’s tutelage.


Abhyaas Education Corp has ensured that their students have the best infrastructure. The classes are interactive and innovative, and classrooms and other facilities are available for students to learn and study effectively. Besides having experienced, knowledgeable, and well-qualified faculty, they also have a core team that provides students with guidance.

Name of owner

Padma Parupudi holds a master’s degree in computer applications from the University of Hyderabad as well as a postgraduate diploma in cyber laws from NALSAR, Hyderabad. Mr. Naresh is the founder and Managing Director of Abhyaas.

Small batch of students

Abhyaas Edu Corp law academy prides itself on its small batch of students, as they firmly believe in quality over quantity regarding legal education. With an intimate class size, each student receives personalized attention and guidance from the esteemed faculty members who are experts in their respective fields of law. This unique approach fosters a collaborative learning environment where lively discussions and debates take place, allowing for a deeper understanding and critical analysis of legal concepts. 

Moreover, the small batch ensures that every student’s progress is closely monitored, enabling timely intervention and support whenever required. As a result, students develop strong academic foundations and cultivate important skills such as effective communication, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities. Abhyaas Edu Corp’s commitment to maintaining a small batch of students enables them to nurture future lawyers who possess the exceptional knowledge, competence, and character necessary to make significant contributions to the legal profession.

Books and study materials

Irrespective of the course chosen, all students at Abhyaas Edu Corp will receive detailed study material and books on a regular basis. Be it for any subject; these materials are updated frequently based on the latest patterns and other changes as per official records. Students can find out what is available for each course by checking the website. Those enrolled in online courses will get their materials instantly after payment.

The best part about Abhyaas Edu Corp is their well-maintained blogs. Their blog section, also known as gyan bhandar, regularly updates valuable information about entrance exams, tips, and tricks that students can use. Students can check out their blog section for motivation, help, and any details they need for the preparation journey. Their blog section is detailed and well-analyzed.

Hostel Facilities

The hostel facilities at Abhyaas Edu Corp Law Academy are truly exceptional, designed to provide students with a comfortable and conducive environment for their academic journey. The spacious, well-furnished rooms offer ample space for personal belongings, study areas, and restful sleep. Each room is equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, high-speed internet connectivity, and 24-hour power backup. The common areas within the hostels foster a sense of community among residents, enabling them to forge lasting friendships and engage in meaningful discussions. 

The dining hall serves nutritious meals prepared by experienced chefs who prioritize hygiene and taste preferences. Additionally, the academy understands the importance of physical fitness; therefore, it offers state-of-the-art gymnasiums where students can exercise regularly after long hours of studying. For relaxation or leisure activities, recreational spaces like TV lounges and indoor games rooms are also available within the premises. Furthermore, strict security measures, including CCTV surveillance, ensure that students feel safe throughout their stay on campus. 

Mode of Coaching

The Mode of coaching in Abhyaas Edu Corp encompasses online and offline courses, providing students with a comprehensive learning experience tailored to their needs. Through the online platform, students can access a vast array of resources at their convenience, allowing them to study at their own pace and from any location. The academy’s website provides an easy-to-navigate interface where learners can engage with video lectures, interactive quizzes, case studies, and virtual discussions led by experienced faculty members. Additionally, personalized feedback is provided through the online portal to ensure continuous improvement. On the other hand, for those who prefer traditional classroom settings or find face-to-face interaction beneficial in their learning journey, Abhyaas Edu Corp offers offline courses conducted at designated centres equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Herein lies a vibrant atmosphere where passionate teachers impart knowledge through engaging lectures while fostering meaningful discussions among peers. The blend of both modes ensures that students have flexibility without compromising on quality education – enabling them to embark upon successful careers in law while embracing modern technological advancements in education delivery methods.

As part of the Abhyaas edu corp, IIM and NIT alumni help guide students on their preparation journey and find ways to score better on exams.

Test series

In addition to courses, students can get test series or mock tests for all subjects. Test series are available for all entrance exams and coaching sessions.

Hours of operations

Hours of operations at Abhyaas Edu Corp Law Academy are meticulously designed to cater to the needs and aspirations of our students. From 10 am in the morning until 8 pm in the evening, a seamless symphony of academic activities takes place within our esteemed institution. As the clock strikes ten, our doors swing open, welcoming eager minds ready to embark on their legal journey. With precision and dedication, faculty members commence their lectures promptly, ensuring that each session is packed with relevant concepts and real-world examples. Throughout these hours of operations, students engage in thought-provoking discussions engage in debates, and delve into comprehensive case studies that deepen their understanding of law’s intricacies. Moreover, during this extensive timeframe, abundant opportunities for individual consultations arise as professors remain available for guidance outside class hours—an invaluable resource for aspiring lawyers seeking personalized attention or clarifications regarding intricate legal doctrines. Thus, from morning to late evening – 10 am to 8 pm – Abhyaas Edu Corp Law Academy is committed to providing an enriching educational experience within these carefully curated hours of operations.

Contact Details

Address Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500072
Phone Number040 40031834
Social Media SitesFacebook Twitter YouTube   


The rating of Abhyaas Edu Corp law academy stands at an impressive 4.6 out of 5, a testament to the exceptional quality and commitment displayed by this esteemed institution. With its unwavering dedication towards excellence in legal education, Abhyaas Edu Corp has garnered widespread recognition and praise within the academic community. The faculty members are highly experienced professionals who impart invaluable knowledge through their engaging teaching methodologies, ensuring students receive a comprehensive understanding of the intricate nuances of law. 

Moreover, the well-rounded curriculum equips learners with the practical skills necessary for academic and professional practice success. Additionally, the state-of-the-art facilities provide a conducive learning environment that fosters personal growth and development. Students benefit from extensive research resources as well as mentorship programs that further enhance their educational journey. Furthermore, Abhyaas Edu Corp’s emphasis on continuous improvement is evident through regular student feedback sessions where concerns are addressed promptly and effectively. This proactive approach demonstrates their commitment towards creating an enriching experience for all students while maintaining high standards of pedagogy and professionalism throughout every aspect of their operations.

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