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‘Educlub’ is a unique; one of its kind venture undertaken by New Yug Edusoft Pvt. Ltd.Pune to give the concept of education portal and e-learning a new lease of life.

Education should not merely be restricted to the imparting of bookish knowledge. It should bring about an all round development of the child’s personality. Thus, Educlub is born with the primary motive of bringing about the holistic development of a child. A team of versatile, dedicated and experienced educationists have procreated this tremendously remarkable online e-learning portal ’EDUCHARYA’ in order to realize and cater to the unique requirements of millions of students, around the world.

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EDUCHARYA, an Online Education Portal is the perfect amalgamation of technology,e-learning,online education,online study material,brain development games,online video tutorials and fun for CBSE,ICSE and State Board students. We are passionate about making e-learning fun and completely above the traditional ‘book’. A lot of importance is also given to the grooming of a child’s personality so that he/she can evolve as a better individual. Educharya aims at the overall development of a child.

This whole new world of visual learning will surely prove enjoyable for the children. They will enjoy as well as update their knowledge on different subjects and also understand the importance of studying them.

Our ‘learn with fun’ techniques will make e-learning fun and this experience will be imprinted in their minds forever.

Our Specialities

 Exclusive 3-D videos and animations where, our friends Bob, Shaun and Bella, enlighten young minds and make learning enjoyable.

 Interesting homework ,and worksheets based on the academic subjects.

 Self assessment, an excellent tool for the rejuvenation and sharpening of the intellect, rendered in the form of question papers; containing one-word and multiple questions, objective and true or false questions, games, quizzes ,weekly tests etc.

 Daily news and happenings around the world.
 Inspiring stories and anecdotes on the lives of famous personalities and recent scientific achievements related to any field of study.

 our Education Portal Guidance on personality development, communication skills, soft skills and value education which mould the young minds and aid the blossoming of their personalities and career opportunity.

 A platform wherein children are able to showcase their profuse, distinctive God- given talents.

 Information about the historical relevance of a particular day in our online magzines.
 A platform for clarifying queries, through a live chat with our staff.

 An exclusive opportunity to share your creativity with friends.

 Fun games and brain development games to challenge your intellect.

 Bella; ushering every child into an enthralling world of knowledge .

 Assisting both parents and children for rendering better guidance .


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 “When you educate a man, you educate an individual, but when you educate a woman, you educate an entire family, and thereby a whole nation.”

With an aim to promote the education of a girl child, we provide a 10% discount for all girl students, at the time of registration.

 All those who score well in this online exam, will be eligible for a fee concession.

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